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I never realise the importance of website traffic until I have joined some affiliate programs and know more about internet marketing. I have then found that website traffic not only an important factor to the success of affiliate programs but also an essential factor to the home business owners that have online business.

Just imagine that you have spent lots of your time created a very good website about the products and services you provided and no one visit your site, how’s your feeling? Of course you may invite your family members and friends to come your site, but how many family members and friends you have? Is very limited! I don’t believe you have 1000 friends in your contact and they will visit your site everyday.

I encountered the same problem when I first joined some affiliate programs. I wanted to introduce the programs to my friends BUT I don’t have many friends who still keep in touch after the old school days. I couldn’t just call them and say “hello, how are you? I got something good to introduce you and please go to my site.” I believe if you were my friend, you won’t go to the site or even if you go to the site, you won’t spend a single cent or join my site. I also don’t know how to attract strangers to go my sites.

I was very curious on how others could get few thousands of visitors to their sites per day. I read and spent time on their sites and did researches on how to attract website traffic. And from my learning and reading, I discovered that website traffic is the very first factor to our site’s success.

Of course, you may argue that tons of website traffic not means that we can get tons of sales. There are right traffic that we want. Very true. We want the right traffic to our site so that the conversion rate is higher. We may get tons of traffic but if most of them are useless traffic, it won’t help the growth of business. Therefore there are challenges to get right traffic too.

For mompreneurs who have online business, we very much depends on our websites to generate sales and thus we should focus more on how to generate right traffic to our sites. If you have your online business with a website and your sales is not good, I suggest you check how’s your website traffic. You may use Google Analytics to do analysis and get ideas from the report how to improve your site’s traffic.

Basically there are two main ways to get traffic to our sites:

  1. Pay for Traffic
  2. Generate Free Traffic

If you ask me which method I prefer, my answer is definitely to get the free traffic. But how? How to generate free traffic to our sites? I’ve learnt lots of methods and I believe some of you too. However, I also believe that many moms in online business know nothing about website traffic. Here I don’t want to write out the ways to get free traffic but I want to share a very useful Ebook with you – 20 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Site

I hope you find the Ebook useful. I consistently read the book to regain some ideas about website traffic. I especially hope the book helps moms in business generate more traffic to the sites and increase the sales.

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