Business That Suitable For Moms

After you have gone through the 5 important steps and listed down your business goals, working hours that you committed, resources and skill you have and also the funds for the business, now is the time to choose the business that is right for you.

Generally, there are 4 options for you to choose from.

  1. Selling a product
  2. Selling a service
  3. Selling electronic products
  4. Information website

Selling a product
Many work at home moms have their own small home businesses selling physical products like diaper cakes, baby clothes, women accessories etc. Open up a store or retail is too high costs and therefore they choose to sell the products online through a website. You can find any type of products you are passionate about and start selling. You might need to get good source for the products you want to sell or you can choose to dropship if holding inventories is not a good idea for you.
Dropshipping is where the wholesaler or manufacturer will ship the product directly to your customers upon ordering.

Few things to take into consideration if you choose to sell a physical products.

  • You need additional storage space at your home for the products and packing materials.
  • You will have the additional work such as packing and shipping your products.
  • You need to set a reasonable profit margin so that the product is not too expensive but also enough for your business to survive
  • Do you sell unique product? If the product is easily get from a local store, people may not want to buy from you and wait for the few days shipping time.

Selling a service
Selling a service is a good idea if you don’t want to hold any physical products and you have nothing to ship or store. The service you could provide are normally the skills or knowledge you have such as coaching, training, phototaking, party planning etc.
For example, you could choose to provide the service as a travel planner if you are passionate and have travel experiences. However, some services may require the tight deadlines and also very time consuming when delivery of services.
If you are selling a service, it is advisable to always write up a contract for you and your clients to protect both of you.

Selling Electronic Products
Many people choose to sell information nowadays. Selling information involved no physical products or shipping costs. It allows your customers to download instantly from your website or via email. The information are those ebooks, online courses or electronic products etc. You can always choose the products you want to sell from the market place like or you can also create your own information products.
I’m in the midst of creating my own product – BabyMoon Travelling Information Guides and do need your help to make my book more informative and content rich.
If you don’t have your own products, choose from the companies that have affiliate programs and allow you to resell their products for a percentage of commission. Although you act as an affiliate, do remember this is your own business.
It is a good suggestion for moms to choose to sell electronic products as their home based business because once you have your system set up and automated, you then have plenty of time to develop more products and grow your business. Of course you have more time to spend with your family when your business is on autopilot.

Information website
Normally people will call this type of business as “blogging for profit”. This is where you open an information based website for the niche market and provide or share information about a particular subject. Many people want to make money through blogging but they don’t treat this as a serious business. Here I would like my moms friends to treat “blogging for profit” a serious business where it also requires steps and marketing plan to follow.
This type of business generally makes money by selling their advertising space or act as an affiliate marketer. You can simply make money with your hobby! Share and provide great information about the subject you are passionate with and make a commission from any sales you send their way.

Regardless which business we choose to be our home based business, we must always make sure our business sustainable and have a business plan to follow.

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