EBooks for Moms: Steps to Creating & Selling your Product

Moms are the great untapped market. Moms spend almost 4 trillion dollars a year on behalf of themselves, their businesses and their families. Selling eBooks can help you gain a share of that market.

Where to begin

It would be easy if you could pull ideas out of thin air but that isn’t likely to happen. You have a product or service that you want to promote. It’s time to do some research.

Check out mom forums to see what they are talking about. What products are they interested in? What are the needs of various mom generations? You could have the best well-written eBook on the Internet but if it doesn’t speak to the needs of moms, it won’t sell to them.

Once you get an idea of a topic that works for your product, find out what words they are using to access information on those topics. Create a spreadsheet that incorporates one, two and three word phrases. Using long tail keywords will narrow your niche and speak to a specific group of moms that you want to reach.

Writing the eBook

Armed with your research, it’s time to map out the eBook. Creating a Table of Contents and an accompanying outline, keeps you focused with the eBook. It is easy to go off on a tangent. Stay concise and to the point to keep your reader’s interest.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Writing an eBook may not be in the plan. All entrepreneurs are not writers. Those that are, may not have the time.

Consider hiring a ghostwriter or a ghostwriting service. Ask friends and business associates for recommendations. Before choosing a writing company, ask for writing samples to see if they can match the “voice” that you require. Depending on the length of your eBook, this will be an expensive proposition.

amoxil generic justify;”>Don’t forget the layout of the eBook and the marketing aspects. Some ghostwriting services have experience with adding graphics and providing a sales page for you to use on your website. Those added services are worth the price.

Selling your eBook

First, do you participate in affiliate programs? Use your eBook as a way to promote them by providing links to these programs in the text. Or, set up your own affiliate program.

Use your marketing plan to drive traffic to your sales page. Give visitors access to the first page of the eBook to peak their interest. Provide links in emails to subscribers.

Moms love eBooks because they are portable and provide concise information they need in one place. Create a new form of income for your business by selling eBooks to them.

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