Factors To Increase Website Traffic

If you have tried so many ways to increase website traffic but still don’t see the results, perhaps you need to check out the list below. There are so many ways to get free traffic for your website and the most important key factor is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is a must for your website and it’s more on long term strategy. Here I don’t talk about SEO but focus on other factors. You can get more ideas about SEO at my post – How’s Your Google Organic Search Results.

Other Factors For Website Traffic

1) Strong and Original Content
This is not the new issue when talk about Content is King. Everybody know that a website with strong content would attract more visitors and it’s the favourite of search engine too.

When you do google search, the great websites always been shown in the first page of search engine and you need to work towards the way and get your website loaded with useful and informative content. Write a lot of valuable content. When your site has lots of pages and get bigger and bigger, search engine will rank your page higher and visitors will also recognize your site as a reference.

Do remember that Search Engines like original and fresh content. It’s not good to copy other’s articles and put inside your blog.

2) Update Your Site Frequently
When your site is fresh new, you need to update your site more frequently so that it get crawl by search engine faster. It’s recommmended to update a new site every two to three days with fresh content. After some while when your website reaches 80 to 100 pages, you’ll see free website traffic. At that time you may update your website once or twice every week and focus on other strategies to attract website traffic.

3) Links Exchange
Exchange links with the doing good websites in your niche. The links exchange here is not asking you to simply links to other websites and ask them to link back in return. If you are doing in this way, you may get your website in a dangerous situation which search engine may treat your site a link farm.

To link to a bigger site in your niche, you can write a review for the website and trackback to the site. They will then notice about your site and see your honest review. If they link back to your website with relevant keywords, you’ll get better position and get more website traffic. Of course this is not a one day job and you need to repeat this at least 20 other review pages to build a network of important sites.

4) Show Your URL
Let your URL appears everywhere to increase website traffic. Of course I’m not asking you to spam with your URL everywhere. You should include your URL in the email signature. When your friends get your email, they will also visit your website.

It’s also important to have your URL in your forum signature. Don’t try to spam in the forum but post valuable discussion content and helpful topics in the forum. You don’t need to mention about your website but when others see your signature, they will tend to visit your site.

5) How’s Your Market Doing

You need to anayze your market and see how’s their sites are doing. Compare your site with them and list down what you like about their sites, what are the pro and con to have the same features in your site. Absorb the good points and try to apply it with your own ideas.

Always have the business mindset about your online business and you will find yourself working seriously. You’ll grab your head to find way to increase website Always have the business mindset about your online business and you will find yourself working seriously. You’ll grab your head to find way to increase website traffic all the time! Just remember to go the correct way and don’t spam.

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