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Mompreneur: Alina Thomas

Business Name: Alankar- Decorate the Indian Way

Business Description: Presenting “Made in India” products for a greener world!

Here are a few quality, handcrafted and handloom products from rural India mostly made from natural materials- cotton, silk, wood and coloured with vegetable/fruit based dyes.


Mompreneur: Amie Chen

Business Name: Sunny Bazaar

Business Description: We are an online store selling nice & affordable products for men, women & children.

Website: http://www.sunnybazaar.com

Mompreneur: Angela Lee

Business Name: WowSoCuteLeh Boutique

Business Description: We shares with you not only nice, smart, pretty and cute, but also of good quality and affordable babies’ and kids’ apparel for your precious prince/s or princess/es that will invite irresistible “Wow! So cute leh!” remarks.

Website: http://www.wowsocutelehboutique.blogspot.com

Baby-mel Mompreneur: Angelia Yoon

Business Name: baby-mel.com

Business Description: We are online store ,selling eco friendly , Non Toxic and Organic Products. We ensure all goods sold in our e-store are safe and free from harsh chemical and toxins.

Let’s go GREEN together!!

Website: http://baby-mel.com

TGP-logo-momprn Mompreneur: Angelia Yoon

Business Name: The Green Pocket

Business Description: We are online store selling , Natural ,Organic and Toxic free Products. We market our own label products . TGP Laundry Ball. One of the best way to wash our clothes without any harsh chemical residue.

Website: http://thegreenpocket.biz

vemmalogo Mompreneur: Angie Ho

Business Name: Vemma – No.1 Health Nutrition

Business Description: Online business selling the most powerful Ionic Liquid Antioxidant Health Supplement highly recommended by 350,000 Health Professionals and suitable from ages 2 – 102!

Website: http://angieho.vemma.com

Mompreneur: BigChubbyCheeks

Business Name: BigChubbyCheeks

Business Description: Selling unique KOREAN style children’s clothings at an affordable price at S$12 ONLY.

Website: http://www.bigchubbycheeks.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Bonnie Wong

Business Name: My Cheeky Boo

Business Description: We are an online store selling babies and mommies products based on East Malaysia. Our main goal is to encourage parents to use cloth diapers for thier children for many good reason. At My Cheeky Boo, you will find anything that might suits your little one!

Website: http://mycheekyboo.com

Mompreneur: Cherie Mon

Business Name: Luv-Palace

Business Description: Luv-palace import high quality of fashion ladies apparel from overseas with competitive prices.

Website: http://luv-palace.blogspot.com

mother gem Mompreneur: Cindy Quah

Business Name: Mothergem

Business Description: Online business selling niche, imported skincare products for ladies and yummy mummies!

Website: http://www.mothergem.com

Mompreneur: Cindy Siah

Business Name: My Lil’ Muse

Business Description: My Lil’ Muse carries a selection of chic and cute JAPANESE BRANDS baby/kids clothes at affordable prices. Now you can dress up your little ones without having to burn a big hole in your pocket. We also have a range of swimwear, including CUTE BIKINIS for your little princess! Each design is unique as it comes in limited quantity. Do order early to avoid disappointment. Have fun shopping! *FREE DELIVERY FOR 3 ITEMS & ABOVE.

Website: http://mylilmuse.wordpress.com

Mompreneur: Citrix Chee

Business Name: Kang Ren Group

Business Description: Provides Counselling, child therapy and parenting workshops.

Website: http://kang-ren.com

Mompreneur: Cookie Wee

Business Name: ITSI

Business Description: Effective and Clinically Proven Slimming Pant / Undergarment. Inches off your Tummy, Hip and Thgh naturally within 8 weeks.

Website: http://www.itsi.com.sg

Mompreneur: Corrine Ang

Business Name: Bzhappymama Fashion

Business Description: We are a retailer and wholesaler of ladies’ TOP fashion at LOW prices. We pride ourselves on quality,value for money goods, with efficient delivery as all our items are in-stocks that have passed QCs.

Website: http://bzhappymama.com

Mompreneur: Daphne Ng

Business Name: Leaping Babe

Business Description: Leaping Babe is an online store offering wide selection of products for babies and children. We cater for parents and parents-to-be who only want the best for their children.

Website: http://leapingbabe.com

Mompreneur: Delcie Lam

Business Name: Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

Business Description: Delcie’s is a certified Halal bakery and the only bakery in Singapore that bakes so healthily for babies to the elderly. The philosophy of Delcie’s Desserts is to offer organic, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and guilt-free cakes and desserts that taste great and yet are nutritious and guilt-free.

Website: http://www.delciesdesserts.com

Mompreneur: Elaine Lau

Business Name: Today’s Motherhood

Business Description: Your Free Online Parenting Magazine

Website: http://www.todaysmotherhood.com

Mompreneur: Ethel Sian

Business Name: Baby Signs(R) Program with Ethel (Kota Kinabalu)

Business Description: I provide workshops & training for Parents & Caregivers, and teach them how to communicate with the baby in their life using Baby Sign Language.

Website: http://www.bspwithethel.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Fion Teng

Business Name: Women Fave Stop

Business Description: Pretty Dresses, Accessories, Nui Ren Wo Zhui Da items

Website: http://www.womenfavestop.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Fortuna Tung

Business Name: Lifeskills Buddies

Business Description: Lifeskills Buddies teaches children life skills in 3 main areas – money management, culinary arts, personal grooming and social etiquette.  Our programs prepare children for independent living after schooling years.  We also provide parents with after programs support to continue life skills education at home.

Website: http://www.lifeskillsbuddies.com.sg

Mompreneur: Gennie Lee

Business Name: Amore Bakery

Business Description: Yummy treats!

Website: http://www.amore-bakery.com

Mompreneur: Gloria Seah

Business Name: Little Gems Inc

Business Description: If it is discounted branded wear you are looking for, you will be spoilt for choice here at our store. At Little Gems, we feature branded kidswear at a price that is nice

With prices cheaper than on the high street, we offer a complete range of clothes and accessories, from brands like Ralph Lauren, Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, Oshkosh B’Gosh, Carter’s and many other brands.

Website: http://www.littlegemsinc.com

Mompreneur: Hui-Wearn Tuan

Business Name: Little Red Reading Nook

Business Description: A cosy book corner for the little ones! A wide selection of children’s books available!

Website: http://littleredreadingnook.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Jayne Chua

Business Name: MooMoo Farm

Business Description: MooMoo Farm offers Chic, good quality and yet affordable baby/kid apparels, cloth diapers, baby/kid accessories and educational products. We also carry products like mama pads and eco bags for shopping mama ^ ^.

Happy Shopping!

Website: http://moomoofarmsg.com

Mompreneur: Jen Lam

Business Name: Baby’s 1st Cake

Business Description: We sell Diaper Cakes. A great personalised and eye-catching gift made of diapers and many other pratical and useful items for the baby and mum.

Website: http://www.babys1stcake.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Jocelyn Yeo

Business Name: Mama Online Store

Business Description: Mama Online Store is a Singapore Online Shopping Business with a wide range of quality products and brands that suits all ages from 0 mths up to elderly. Products imported from USA, Australia, Taiwan, Korea and many more.

Website: http://www.mamaonlinestore.com

Mompreneur: Julie Maxwell

Business Name: Grassroots Web

Business Description: We bring your communication pieces together.. simply, effectively. We specialize in WAHMS, green businesses and local businesses.

Website: http://www.grassrootsweb.net

Mompreneur: Khim

Business Name: MyBabyPals

Business Description: Diaper Cakes, Washcloth Cupcakes & more babies/kids apparels to come…

Website: http://www.mybabypals.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Krissy Ng

Business Name: Happydays-shop

Business Description: Happydays-shop just want to make your day HAPPIER by presenting to you the sweetest, cutest, nicestand best-quality products—and thus the name “Happy Days”

Don’t you ever come across times whereby u feel that your day is brightened up after getting something you like and something that’s so worth it? Yes! That’s the feeling we want to give you!!

Website: http://happydays-shop.com/store

Mompreneur: Leona Chia

Business Name: Cream Parlour

Business Description: Dresses, Hair Accessories, Headbands, Bib, Pacifier Clips, Taggies, Baby Shoes Handmade with Love

Website: http://creamparlour.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Levine Tay

Business Name: studioij.com

Business Description: We are specialize in handmade beansprout pillow for babies and your little ones. We also carry a series of quality chinese educational books like wo hui du, reading lads and Taoshu.

Website: http://www.studioij.com

Mompreneur: Maria Rosete

Business Name: D’ Sweat Shop Fitness & Services Pte. Ltd.

Business Description: D’ Sweat Shop provides fitness, pilates, and dance services for Individuals, groups, companies, organizations and schools. We also sell an assortment of pilates accessories at a price that you can afford.

Website: http://dsweatshop.com

Banner2150150 Mompreneur: Mei Yen Chan

Business Name: Loving Avenue

Business Description: Loving Avenue is your one-stop access to mothercare and babycare products. We currently hold a range of postpartum care and breastfeeding needs products.

Website: http://lovingavenue.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Moon Loh

Business Name: Mompreneur Internet Marketing Hub

Business Description: Online Learning Hub aims to help moms gain knowledge in internet marketing and hence start the internet business.

Website: http://MompreneurHub.com

Mompreneur: Odelia Pwee

Business Name: Shana’s Floral

Business Description: Shana’s Floral catered to customers who live a fast and hectic lifestyle by providing the convenience of online flowers and gifts shopping. Shana’s Floral Blog for friends to get to know me more and wish to learn more on flower arrangements!

Website: http://www.shanafloral.com

minibabyshop Mompreneur: Ong Kerlyn

Business Name: Minibabyshop

Business Description: Kidswear where Mummy always shop for your little love one.

Website: http://minibabyshop.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Rachel Lim

Business Name: Scrappin’ Love

Business Description: The prefect gift store in town – every piece of creations made with love and sincerity. It is through our hands we bring to you personalize pieces with priceless uniqueness.

Website: http://www.scrappinlove.com/shop

Mompreneur: Rachael Tan

Business Name: Prettymums

Business Description: Prettymums provide a wide range of maternity and nursing wear for mothers-to-be. Apart from pampering mothers, we also consider the needs of the newborns. At Prettymums , you can find a wide variety of products for both mother and child.

Website: http://www.prettymums.com

Mompreneur: Rebecca Chan

Business Name: Origins Jamu Massage

Business Description: Specialise in Jamu Postnatal Rejuvenating Massage for mums afterbirth. Using traditional massage techniques incorporating of lactation service and using of Hot Stone Compressed for detoxification.

Website: http://www.originsjamumassage.com

Mompreneur: Samantha See

Business Name: Girlyfrilly

Business Description: Girlyfrilly specialises in handmade bows/button/fabric flower clips, hair ties, hairbands and button accessories.

Website: http://www.girlyfrilly.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Serena Chung

Business Name: Juzkiyomi

Business Description: We are an online boutique where you can get exclusive designs for your prince and princess. You can also find stuff like storybook pillows, cute pillowcases and Earpick with light.

Website: http://juzkiyomi.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Sophia Ho

Business Name: VogueBebe Chic Baby Wear

Business Description: VogueBebe is an online blogshop selling pretty and whimsical baby clothing designs.

Website: http://www.myvoguebebe.com

Mompreneur: Velia Phung

Business Name: Vics Junior

Business Description: 100% handmade hairbows and clippies for all ages. All handmade creations are crafted from top quality ribbons from locally and imported from USA.

Website: http://www.vicsjunior.blogspot.com

Mompreneur: Viviana Widjaja

Business Name: FUN TO LEARN

Business Description: Retail Toys: Wooden Puzzles, Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles, Wooden Toys/Games, Learning Aid and Building/Construction Toys. We also wholesale wooden puzzles and cardboard jigsaw puzzles within Malaysia and Singapore.

Website: http://www.kidzpuzzle.com

Unbenannt-2_Kopie Mompreneur: Yvonne Tai

Business Name: Mybbshop Boutique

Business Description: We are selling baby swimming pool, breast pumps, travel bag and etc.

Website: http://www.mybbhouse.com