Get a Killer Business Name

Hey moms, you now have your business plan and get everything ready to start your business but you still have one very important step in starting your business. You need to get a killer name for your business!

Chinese always believe that good name can make the business just like some parents believe good name will bring bright future for the children. In short, your business name is a BIG KEY to your success.

There are some tips when choosing your business name.

1. Keep it simple – Try to think of those biggest trade names in the world such as Google, Nike, Pepsi, Levis and etc. They are not just popular because of their quality products but also the easy to remember brand name. Avoid complicated name for your business and use the name that easy to grab people’s attention.

2. Your business nature – You shouldn’t just choose a name that sound nice but need to clarify what your business’s products or service do. When people look at the business name itself will tell your customers or clients what’s your business about.

3. Your target customer – Children tend to remember a simple and fun name. If your are targeting kids market, brainstorm the name that will catch their attention and avoid complicated name.

4. Avoid trendy name – Your business will be affected if you have a business name that goes with what’s trendy right now. The name might be very good in that moment and people will easily remember your business. However the bad point is they tend to forget you in future.

5. Use Unique name – People remember unique name most and it’s easier for your business to stand out in front of your customers and prospects. Keep the name flexible and don’t let your name restrict you to a field that you may grow out of.

If you are doing online business, choose a killer name for your business is the most crucial step. Your business mostly deal with online world and there are more factors to take into consideration when brainstorm the name. You may need to do the keywords research and also pay attention to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A good name for online business means good website name and it should be user friendly and easy to remember. For example, is easier to remember compare to

It’s worth for you to spend some time brainstorm a good name for your business because once chosen, the name could hardly be changed and the business name always represent you and your business reputation.

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