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One effective way to generate traffic to your website and promote your business is to write articles related to your industry. Many work at home moms who have home business don’t understand why this is a way to generate traffic and doubt on the effectiveness of article writing.

Article writing or article marketing is a good way to promote your website and here are some of the reasons you should do article writing:

Establishes you as an expert in your field
You may show your expertise or brand yourself as authority in the business through writing articles. Your content should include information about your business such as writing topics on “how to, tips, what is” is good way to show your knowledge in your business. Submit to some article sites such as Hubpages, EzineArticle, Squidoo or Qassia will help to bring quality back links to your website too.

Builds relationships with your current and potential customers
Your informative articles help to build good relationship with your current and potential customers. Your current customers may get more updated information from your writing and at the same time you will attract some potential customers. This is a form of interactive with them if they leave comments after your writing and it helps them to get to know more about you and your business.

Promotes your products
Some article sites allow you to promote your products or services and some don’t. Do check the terms and conditions of the sites before you submit your articles or else your articles will not get approved to publish. Most of the sites just allow you to put your website link at the signature and not encourage to hard sell your website in the articles. Adhere to their rules and maintain a good relationship with the sites.

It could even be an extra source of extra income for you
Article writing helps to promote your products or services, give quality back links to your website and it could be a source of extra income for you. Let me share with you how this mom earns money through article writing - Are you a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad) Interested in Earning a Monthly Income?

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You may think that you are not a good writer and writing article to promote website is not for you. You should drop this fear and start to write as you are talking to your customers. Generally good grammar and correct spelling is a must and you just need to make your readers feel that you are a friend and someone you trust. Forget about solid English or formal essay writing and remember the key to writing good articles is to be informative!

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