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I am a” blog idiot”. That’s me some years back. Blog to me was just some online platform to allow friends to know the updates of my current life status, a place where I can pose photos of my outings or write about my girls’ growth cycle. I ever wondered what is the attraction of owing a blog. Perhaps it was just a trend or a personal online diary. To me, it was only when I needed a website for my online business when the word ‘Blog’ strikes me. Engaging a professional to design a website was a hefty sum of money but I needed a low cost yet professional looking site. With no IT knowledge, I started with free blogs and using free blogskins,  this was quite a tough start for a “blog idiot”. After learning and using this blog for a period of time, I realise that it was not too user friendly to use as a business website. I seek advices from friends and upgraded myself. Soon I redesigned my business website and started a blog.

My Blog is “SgMummy” and it is inspired by motherhood. For a new mom, juggling a newborn and coping with physical and emotional changes was one of life-changing moments of a woman. For a woman, motherhood is filled with anxiety, excitements, joy, challenges, fears and many more. I decided to start this blog to focus mainly on Asian postpartum care as there were lacked of information in this area. Most books or websites were mainly focusing the attention on the newborn while the new mum is being “forgotten”. This is a common sight but the mum afterbirth is relatively important as the newborn. In Asian especially, many mums after delivery “suffered” in silence. This could be due to our conservative culture. They were expected to cope with their pains or discomfort physically, battled with their emotions and be a “know-it-all” mum. Having experienced through two pregnancies and a trained postnatal therapist myself, I know the importance of postpartum care and I want to share it with fellow mummies.

My blog is my sharing of my learning curve and experiences as a Singaporean Mom as well as to serve as an informative and interactive place for all moms.

Through this website you will find valuable information on:

•What is postpartum care and why is it important
•How to recover fast during postpartum period
•What physical changes should you expect
•Are you able to cope with your emotions afterbirth
•Are confinement food effective and necessary
•Are you ready and equipped for postpartum
•Personal stories by real mums
•Other valuable information

I always believe that “Health is our Greatest Wealth”. With a healthy mind and body, embracing motherhood can be easier. Do not underestimate the power of motherhood although things may not be quite the same previously and your gain is definitely more than losses. I sincerely hope you will benefit and gain more knowledge through SgMummy and I hope you will enjoy motherhood as much as I do.

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