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Do you want to make money from the comfort of your home or have your own home business? Some friends ask me why I want to quit my job and have my own internet business at home. To them my decision and action is quite surprising because they know that I’m from Accounting field and now I totally change my profession to another.

Yes, since I was a young girl, I clearly knew that I wanted to be in Accounting field and deal with the figures. Some people say that’s very boring, but for me, I don’t feel so. I see the opportunities in this line and frankly, every company needs accounts, am I correct? :)

Let me show you few advertisements that I grab from Google Adwords:

Salary Of $95.00 Per Day
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Guaranteed minimum $3-4K Income.

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You Can Work From Home
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Want To Make Money?
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I’m not sure how you feel when you read the above adverts, I just get very excited and wanted to find out more how they earn easy money at the comfort of their home. You may tell me that it’s possible or some of you may advise me to be careful of those ads, they are SCAM! You are right, MAYBE they are scam! How could they have this quick rich system? If that is so easy to earn money, why should I spend so much in my education to get a certificate and still earn a salary to work for others while they could easily work at home to earn up to five figures per month? Don’t you feel unbalance or you want to find out the truth?

If I totally ignore the ads, I would not have my internet business today. I felt unbalance when I read that an aunty could earn up to 5 figures per month from the comfort of her home and she could spend time with her children, work whenever she wants, anywhere she wants. I’ve decided to pay for the program and I didn’t care whether it’s scam, I just wanted to find out the truth. If you want to know whether I have made money through the program, yes, I really make some money but not up to 5 figures per month and there is no easy and quick rich system.

I’ve also signed up some other programs included online survey and some free to join affiliate programs. The more I joined and worked on the programs, I felt I lacked of knowledge and skills to promote and market those programs. This is the main reason I invest my education in internet marketing. Internet marketing has become more and more important in today’s business world and the marketing techniques help to boost business growth.

Today, when I see the make money online or work at home advertisements, I still get excited and hope to find out more. Maybe this is my passion to work at home and make money online. :)

When more and more friends ask me how to start home business and how to make money online, I feel that this is not my own passion but many people’s passion too. I really hope to tell you my secrets of earn money online BUT there is no secret except LEARNING.

The theory is very simple. What will you tell your kids if you want them to have a high pay job or become a successful businessman? I guess almost all of you will tell your kids to study hard, get good results, go into University and at least get a Degree. Ask them learn to become a professional in the field. If this is your answer, my answer to you is the same. If you want to make money online, work from home, spend time with your family and kids, you must at least invest your time to learn how to make money online and put them in action. The more you learn and do, the more success you are.

I cannot guarantee you can make 5 figures per month but if you let me know how much time you are willing invest in your learning and doing, I will do my best to help you achieve your target.

Make money online is not scam, work at home and earn passive income is not scam. If you have the correct mindset, do in the correct way using correct system, you can live the life you want. :)

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April 2, 2009

I agree that make money online is not a scam though there are many scams out there.

You just need to persistent and smart to make your first dollar online.

Good post !

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