Where are the good places for networking?

Business needs networking. None of a person in business will disagree with this statement. So, where are the good places for mompreneur in home internet business to network? Generally there are three places for internet business mompreneur to do the networking – blogs, social sites and forums.

Blogs are a good and easy way to work on finding networking opportunities. First, you need to find blogs that related to your niche market. For example, if you are an authority in women’s diet, you can find some blogs specifically about the topic. Start to make friends with them by leaving informative comments at their posts and add a link back to your site. If your comments are useful and add value to them, they will always welcome your comments and also like to visit your site to find out more information. However, you must always remember to just leave good information comments, not a simple, “good post, I enjoy your writing, thank you”. People will only approve your comments once or totally not approve your comments because without relevant information included. Those comments also considered spam messages by many bloggers.

Social sites
There are many social sites that allow you to join groups, participate in the conversation, expand your networking and help each other in the businesses. When you join the groups, you really need to get into the groups, contribute to the groups and get involve with the activities there. The groups normally group the like-minded people together, members share same interests, and the visitor traffic is very high.
Social sites normally have a profile page for users and you should also make use of the profile page to get across what you are an expert in and remember to write a good bio line about you and your business with clickable links to your sites. You will soon find that the traffic to your sites partly come from your social sites profile page.

Maybe you don’t know about this, but let me share with you, forums have been around as long as internet marketing. You easily find forums about different topics and it’s free for you to sign up. The advantage of join forum in your niche is you could get friends that willing to help each other. Take mummy forums as example, mummies always helpful and willing to help each other when any mom needs help. They will spread the words very fast and also send the traffic to you if they find someone ask about a subject in your area of expertise.  In return, if you find your friends need help in other areas, you send them traffic too.

Be very careful when sharing at forums, don’t be a spammer and be careful of looking like a spammer. If you did something fishy, forum members tend to aware it very fast and you are not welcome by them. It’s also a place where you build your reputation. Therefore, don’t hard sell but just use your signature line to it’s fullest with taglines and links.

Use the above networking sites appropriately and they will help you to get a big jump on targeted traffic to your site. Targeted traffic is important in the sense that they know what the information they are going to get from your site and thus bring you more sales.

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May 10, 2009

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