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Blogging Mom: Ai Sakura

Blog: Sakura Haruka

Blog Description: Chic mummy who embraces life to its fullest, and wants to impart this passion to her little girl. Join her for her amazing adventures and memories around the world!


Blogging Mom: Alys Chen

Blog: Educating the Little Ones

Blog Description: Looking for information about child/baby development interlinking with brains and education? I’m a teacher and 1st time mom blogging by reading up and tracking about pregnancy, society issues, the above-mentioned and more!


Blogging Mom: Angeline.S

Blog: PrincessDanaDiaries

Blog Description: This is an online depository of useful parenting tips, time-saving recipes, good reads, easy crafts and fun holiday ideas. As a U-Family Blog Champion, we want to inspire and encourage families to create memories that matter. The best gift we can give our family is the legacy of love. Come on in and partner us in this journey!


Blogging Mom: Angeline Simone Chin

Blog: Brain Mark Malaysia

Blog Description: We help you discover you and loved ones intrinsic qualities!


Blogging Mom: Amie Chen

Blog: Mamamie’s Thot

Blog Description: A working mother who rambles about anything in life.


Blogging Mom: Angeline Foong

Blog: All About Your Child

Blog Description:I share tips on how to handle children at different stages in their lives, subtly through my daily records on my blog. Some can be pretty controversial.


Blogging Mom: Angie Ho

Blog: Health Is Wealth

Blog Description: Hi, Angie here! I am a SAHM with 2 lovely daughters. I would like to share with you How and What I do from the comfort of my home that allows me to spend quality time with my girls, as well as the opportunity to achieve financial freedom!


Angie Ho Blogging Mom: Angie Ho

Blog: Welcome to Babyummy!

Blog Description: Their first ‘cry’ bring us PRIDE. Their first ‘smile’ bring us JOY. What can we, as parents, give them in return? A HOME filled with LOVE, PEACE & HARMONY; ~ A prepared environment for the Absorbent Mind.


Blogging Mom: Ashley Lee

Blog: Mothers’ Avenue

Blog Description: I blog about my views on marriage, raising my toddler and bits and pieces of my job!


Blogging Mom: Angeline Ng

Blog: Simply Mommie

Blog Description: I blog about different aspects of my parenting journey: breastfeeding, feeding, activities I do with my toddler and so much more!


Blogging Mom: A Lim

Blog: Our Bower

Blog Description: A mum and part time domestic goddess treading the fine line of a balanced life.


Blogging Mom: Being Me

Blog: Mothers Always

Blog Description: It’s about me, being a mom, my kids, my life, my healing journey. I enjoy writing and would like to share the interesting things (good and bad), I discover.


Blogging Mom: Bonnie Wong

Blog: W is for Wirah Wannie Watari

Blog Description: Am a chinese girl who married to a malay guy and became Mrs Wirah. Am a mother to my naughty cutie pie – Watari. Blog about my life, my family and my surrounding. Hoping life will be fulfill with wonderful people and things. :)


Blogging Mom: Bz Mommy

Blog: Bz Mommy

Blog Description: I am that bzmommy who has a loving husband, 2 sweet girls, coping with a full-time job and pursuing my interests at the same time. This is a place where I record my thoughts, the sweet & sour of my life and the moments I have with the people around me.


Blogging Mom: Chermaine See

Blog: Becoming Mummy

Blog Description: I blog about my life and struggles as a new mum. I review toys, services, lessons, products that my son uses. As a former teacher, I am interested in home schooling my child. I like to try many things.


Blogging Mom: Cherie Lim

Blog: All about the life of a mum with 2 boys

Blog Description: All about the life of a mum with 2 boys – fun & adventures, struggles, achievements, motherhood, parenting and mum’s love for fashion, food and nails.


Blogging Mom: Cindy Cheong

Blog: Seeing it from a peculiar perspective?!

Blog Description: Not the norm you would expect from the blog of working mom on her 30s. It’s explicit, I must warn you.


Blogging Mom: Corrine Ang

Blog: The Pen is mightier than the sword

Blog Description: Personal struggles and perspections on parenting and life in general


Blogging Mom: DancingMommy

Blog: DancingMommy

Blog Description: Jumping through the hoops of Parenthood


Blogging Mom: Danica Casing

Blog: Follow Yzzy’s Baby Story

Blog Description: I blog about my baby’s everyday milestones. From the last days of being pregnant to now that she has just turned 1. This is an attempt to document her life ’til she turns 18.


Blogging Mom: Denesa Goh

Blog: Parent Times

Blog Description: A working mother shares her parenting insights and moments with her two young boys.


Blogging Mom: Diana Bok

Blog: She is a Blo-ga-a-ho-lic

Blog Description: I enjoy blogging and this is where I’m keeping all my stuff related to the wedding preparation, baking experience, my married life, my pregnancy journey and some works that I am really interested in.


Blogging Mom: Diana Gale

Blog: Domestic Goddess Wannabe

Blog Description: A wife, a mom of two kiddos, owner of a few businesses, passionate about food, recipes, cooking and baking. This is my blog of my cooking (mis)adventures, of my family, of our lives.


Blogging Mom: Edith C

Blog: Rumbling Tummy

Blog Description: A little journal on tried and tested recipes and wonders of life.


Blogging Mom: Elaine Ashire

Blog: Growing with Lane

Blog Description: Embracing life as a wife, mother ,daughter and a fashionista. Most of all being true to oneself.


Blogging Mom: Elisa

Blog: Love Our Children Now

Blog Description: Love is not enough, when bringing up children.  Join us, as we discover how to help our children reach their destinies.


Blogging Mom: Estella Goh

Blog: So Oddly Dreamlike

Blog Description: So Oddly Dreamlike is a blog about family, thoughts, travel, food, fashion, beauty, breastfeeding, natural living and a little girl called Joy. Amidst the buzz of her busy day to day life, Estella finds little pockets of time to nourish her soul through reading and takes care of herself as an individual.


Blogging Mom: Esther Teo

Blog: The ET Family

Blog Description: This blog is about my babies’ milestone and motherhood. Hope to exchange parenting tips thru this blog.


Blogging Mom: Esther W

Blog: mrsjelly

Blog Description: My Blogging life is about how my baby grows, my amazement at how she grows and what my daily life holds in store for me. INSPIRE ME!


Blogging Mom: Gennie Lee

Blog: My Babies

Blog Description: Captured the growing up moments of my 2 precious!


Blogging Mom: Gloria Seah

Blog: Little Gems Unravelled

Blog Description: A blog about the not so mundane life of a work at home mom, juggling her online business, running the household, and taming her precocious kid.


Blogging Mom: Giftedmom

Blog: A Mom’s Lessons From Kids

Blog Description: Mummy,Daddy,Teacher,Maid, Buddy are roles I play to my two handsome and boisterous guys.Countless lessons are learnt from my guys since the dawn of motherhood.


Blogging Mom: Goldie

Blog: Me and my special son

Blog Description: Every child is special in their own way. Im a proud mother of my very special son.


Blogging Mom: Ing

Blog: Ingspirations

Blog Description: An educator who is currently a SAHM, I write about life with 3 kids, my thoughts on parenting, education, and anything that inspires me.


Blogging Mom: Irene Giam

Blog: Me and My Two Precious

Blog Description: About my family esp my two kids


Blogging Mom: Janice

Blog: MishMashMess

Blog Description: A mish mash of my life from parenting and baby matters, relationship, food to the world at large!


Blogging Mom: Jasmine

Blog: The Buaians

Blog Description: I work part time at my sister’s party store and spend the rest of the time taking care of my daughter Chloe. I love to eat, bake, shop and ofcos spending time with my family. This blog is to document my life as a wife and mother.


Blogging Mom: Jasmine Lee

Blog: Happening Parents

Blog Description: A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together.
It is all worth it.


Blogging Mom: Jean Chua

Blog: Jean Stitch

Blog Description: A simply handmade online shop by a SAHM who loves to sew but does not want to build treasures at home.


Blogging Mom: Ju Pin

Blog: Boy2teen

Blog Description: My roller coaster ride in my son’s world


Blogging Mom: June Yong

Blog: mamawearpapashirt

Blog Description: This blog is dedicated to the hardworking (working) mum. Through this blog, I hope to capture the thoughts, experiences, demands, and dreams of a working mum, and hopefully encourage others who are in the same, erm, shirt.


Blogging Mom: Justina Tey

Blog: Mum in the making

Blog Description: This blog charts my journey as a beginning SAHM who’s juggling trying to learn how to cook, clean & care for baby, her part time studies in zoology, and her interests in crafts, photography & reading. I’ll share tips that I learn along the way as a new mum (more as a reminder for myself if I have another kid!), and hope you’ll drop by to share your own too!


Blogging Mom: Joelle Horca

Blog: Joelle Chronicles

Blog Description: Adventures of a Filipina and her family in Singapore. We recently relocated to Singapore and are slowly but surely exploring this island from top to bottom (and everywhere in between). Discover the joy of bargain shopping, celebrate food finds, and travel around the region with us.


Blogging Mom: Karen 

Blog: Mamemmia

Blog Description: Life journal on broad aspects of life, especially after the arrival of our first little bundle of joy! Baby activities, views, food, basically, sharing anything we find it interesting and shareable!


momptrepreneur files Blogging Mom: Karen Lopez

Blog: MOMtrepreneur Files

Blog Description: My thoughts and experiences as working mom.


Blogging Mom: Kathryn Dilay

Blog: LIFE is like a box of Chocnuts…you’ll ALWAYS know what you’re gonna get…from 1proudmama

Blog Description: The purpose of my website is to be the “bestfriend” to anybody who needs help in any aspect of their lives. The articles, tips and quotes here would hopefully inspire people to feel more motivated; to make people be “more in love” or deal with their relationship woes; to assist parents in rearing their kids and keeping house and encourage each reader in doing what you love so you can finally experience the life that deep inside your heart, you always knew you were meant to live.


Blogging Mom: Kelly Tan

Blog: OnlineMomBlog

Blog Description: I am sharing on my journey as a WAHM especially what I have learn so far. I also talking on my interests during my free time.


Blogging Mom: Klessis Lee

Blog: Our J Babies

Blog Description: A blog about the everyday life of my 2 daughters – Joey & Jayne and my experiences as a mom


Blogging Mom: Kong Shu Jing

Blog: Ngdoghouse

Blog Description: A blog to write about my family life ever since we have a new addition to the family!


Blogging Mom: Lena Khalid

Blog: Genius Are For Kids

Blog Description: A blog on kids literacy, activities and parenting skills


Blogging Mom: Lovekids Mom


Blog Description: This is a blog about family love and ties especially for mom and the kids as well as building a community network to communicate, share and learn together.


Blogging Mom: Madeline Heng

Blog: MadPsychMum @ University of Motherhood

Blog Description: I’ve got a Masters in Psychology and currently a full-time working mum to a baby girl. I’ve since been matriculated into the University of Motherhood, where I will probably not graduate from as long as I’m still a mother! I blog about parenting, breastfeeding, weaning, psychology and our travels.


Blogging Mom: Mag

Blog: Le’ World of Xuan

Blog Description: I’m a full-time working mum using this blog as a platform to chronicle my daughter – Le Xuan’s growing joys and the fun activities we do. I strongly believe in reading and will share my reading journey with Le Xuan on this blog.


Blogging Mom: Milly Wallace

Blog: Singapore Kid’s Places

Blog Description: Join me and my kids as we explore Singapore and discover the best child friendly places to go and things to see.


Blogging Mom: Ming

Blog: My Baby Footsteps

Blog Description: a SAHM’s journey with her toddler… where we go, what we do… exchanging ideas so we never run out of things to do!


blogdigest Blogging Mom: Mita Hasan

Blog: Blog Digest

Blog Description: my blog is about my personal life as a work at home mom, baking, poem, and books of mine


cranes and clovers Blogging Mom: Miwa

Blog: cranes and clovers

Blog Description: Three Japanese-American sisters blogging about everything from beauty and health to raising bilingual/bicultural kids.


Blogging Mom: Mommy Zel


Blog Description: The adventures of a Mom in Beauty, Business, Events & Parenting


Blogging Mom: Moon Loh

Blog: MoonLoh Life in Internet Marketing

Blog Description: Way towards a Successful Mompreneur @ Internet Marketing


Blogging Mom: Moon Loh

Blog: Mummy & Baby Moon

Blog Description: Jun Ling is the Coolest Girl in Daddy & Mummy’s Heart


Blogging Mom: Mong Shan Chang

Blog: My Thrifty Closet

Blog Description: I am a SAHM of 2 small guys. I love God and my family. I enjoy thrifting, art and design, crafting, food and vintage. . Hope you enjoy reading my blog. God bless you!


Blogging Mom: Pamela Tan

Blog: Tan Family Chronicles

Blog Description: This blog chronicles the life of the Tan Family which currently has 3 kids – an older boy and a pair of boy/girl twins.


Blogging Mom: Patricia Cuyugan

Blog: Mrs C’s Sugarcoated Life

Blog Description: The many adventures of one wonder woman stage mom and stage wife, freelance writer with stage fright, party planner extraordinaire, food fanatic, wannabe iron chef and all-around Alabang girl.


Blogging Mom: Paula Robinson

Blog: Real Housewife of Singapore

Blog Description: My fabulous life in Singapore as a wife, stay at home mom, and social butterfly.


Blogging Mom: Pauline S

Blog: Moos & Muses…everythin’ in life!

Blog Description: I am a mommy to 2 little angels, living in capital city of Malaysia. I started this blog to share my muses about a little bit of everything … from my daily life, tips for raising kids, product reviews, recipes, beauty, fashion to shopping!


PhyllisPan Blogging Mom: Phyllis Pan

Blog: Dream a Little Dream

Blog Description: Talking about motherhood, shopping for the little ones and life adventure.


Blogging Mom: Rebecca Chan

Blog: SgMummy

Blog Description: My sharing of learning curve and experiences as a Singaporean Mom and you will find valuable information about postpartum care at my site.


Blogging Mom: Ros Tang

Blog: Weaning Your Baby

Blog Description: This blog, is a journey about how I introduce solids to my children. It includes recipes ideas from pureed fruits, porridge, fried rice, cookies and many more suitable for your babies to preschoolers… So drop by if you are lacking of ideas on cooking for your children.


Blogging Mom: Ruth Wong

Blog: Mommy Cafe

Blog Description: A cosy virtual cafe to talk about all things close to a mommy’s heart.


Blogging Mom: Sally Lim

Blog: The World Thru My Eyes

Blog Description: A mother to 2 kiddos and a man. Indulging in my own world of creativity with my little clothing business. Loves sewing, cooking, crafting and shopping. Read about my ups and downs in life and see the world thru my very eyes.


Blogging Mom: Sarah Chan

Blog: SarahC.

Blog Description: A working PR mother living in Singapore for the past 10~12 years.Spend a great deal of her adulthood in a foreign country with the love of her life and god gifted ‘Angel Princess’.


Blogging Mom: Sarah Mae Pasandaan

Blog: The Diary of a SuperMum

Blog Description: Blog-a-Boom!


Blogging Mom: Serene

Blog: Living Serenely Living

Blog Description: Serenely is personal blog written by me, Serene – born and raised in Malaysia, now living in Perth, Australia, married to a wonderful guy and now mum to a beautiful and active little boy. I currently juggle between two personas as a SAHM/WAHM as well as working part-time as an analyst at a market research and consulting firm.


Blogging Mom: Serene Seah

Blog: xavvy-licious

Blog Description: A blog dedicated to my lil’ bud, documenting his growing up fun and of course not forgetting about easy yet yummy recipes for the family !


Blogging Mom: Sherry

Blog: From The Mothership

Blog Description: A first time mom to a fascinating little ‘Alien Baby’. Sharing my experiences of raising a little toddler girl in Hong Kong. Covering topics from education, products, sleep and everything else in between.


Blogging Mom: Soh Qiu Xian

Blog: Life-Muse

Blog Description: I blog about the daily musings of my life and this wonderful journey called motherhood.


Blogging Mom: Steph Tan

Blog: Roo and Red

Blog Description: It started with me shooting my eldest everyday and sharing stories about what I found quirky and beautiful about everyday life. Now, a Work-At-Home Photographer Mom of two little ones, I love sharing stories and snapshots of our family misadventures.


Blogging Mom: Summer Goh

Blog: A Happy Mum

Blog Description: This blog is about motherhood, babies, kids, travelling, DIY craft and all things happy. The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of things, they just make the best out of everything that comes their way.


Blogging Mom: Susan

Blog: A Juggling Mom

Blog Description: My blog at A Juggling Mom is me trying to be a super woman on a daily basis… Not! As a full time working mom, it’s been a challenge balancing work and family time especially with an active two year old toddler. But I try and we get by, though sometimes with the house a little unkept, clothes unironed and you get the idea.  Besides chronicling my journey as a A Juggling Mom, I also hope to share resources on how moms can juggle the many roles as mom, wife, daughter, girl friend and career woman on a daily basis


Blogging Mom: SY Tan

Blog: Artsy

Blog Description: Memories for Keeps, Thoughts and Experiences to Share – Of creations, arts, education, and attempts to look beyond daily living.


Blogging Mom: Tina Rodriguez

Blog: Truly Rich Mom

Blog Description: This blog is about my adventures as a wife, mom and missionary mompreneur. I share stories about my personal life as a Catholic Filipino wife and mom, tips on how to be truly rich, earn extra income, parenting and homeschooling.


miracule Blogging Mom: Ting

Blog: Miracule – Everything happens for a reason

Blog Description: Newly converted SAHM mommy sharing about her family, pregnancies, and most importantly, the bits and pieces of her children’s growing up years.


Blogging Mom: Tze 

Blog: Awayofmind Bakery House

Blog Description: I blog about my kid, my cooking and baking. There is recipes to share and hope you enjoy reading my passion on food and photography.


the savvy mummy

Blogging Mom: Tze Lee Low

Blog: The Savvy Mummy

Blog Description: I am a first time Singaporean mummy with a passion for blogging. I started the savvy mummy blog to share useful information and tips about being a first time mummy, and some funny and heartwarming anecdotes about my adventures.


Blogging Mom: Velle

Blog: The Yummy Mummy Train

Blog Description: Singaporean new mom living and loving large in Australia talks shop, occasionally freaks out, and waxes lyrical about the crazy roller-coaster ride that is Motherhood.


Blogging Mom: Vickie Heully


Blog Description: I blog about my kids, my experiences, my coffee, and occasionally something intelligent LOL.


Blogging Mom: Viviana Widjaja

Blog: Resources For Moms And Kids

Blog Description: Through this blog, I will share my journey as a learning mama. I’m learning to be a better mom and I’m learning about internet marketing to support my online business. I hope my blog will benefit other mamas and their kids.


Blogging Mom: Winnie Lee

Blog: Toddly Mummy

Blog Description: Words of a toddling first-time mummy. Toddly Mummy is about the trials and tribulations of being a first-time, full time working mum. Whether it is about teaching the ABCs, doing fun crafts or telling funny anecdotes of her two little kids, it’s all about sharing her adventures as a mummy in today’s world.


Blogging Mom: Yvonne Yeo

Blog: Beadsyy’s Diary

Blog Description: Hi! I’m a stay-home mom and wife who aspires to be a full time blogger cum photographer. I enjoy sharing my random thoughts and likes or practically, anything under the Singapore sun.