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I was working very passionately in frontline service & call center environments for more than 7 years, before ‘retiring’ to family life focusing on pro-creation. Children became my world. I quit my work to take care of them Full-time, & my family became priority. I truly enjoyed my time with the little ones, their first steps & first words.

Soon, as they started outgrowing me, I began to feel the “bore” bug creeping in. My life was constantly revolving around children, I started feeling lonely & ‘routine’ in my life.

This was when I was introduced to business ideas. I got to know the concept of working from home, with flexible hours, & make my life more meaningful. The real “eye-opener” for me, was when I attended the “Money & You”, a US based, Personal Development Program, in Chinese. Over a short span of 3 days, the program went on into wee hours & deep into my heart, and I discovered my passion & viability in the people development business.

Time & again, over more than 4 years, despite any other businesses I worked on, my heart was brought back to the beauty of Professional Speaking & Training.

My marital life took a serious turn in this cause of work, & made me stronger too. Now I’m happily re-married, with my destiny man, Dr Ramesh Nambiar. He founded the Social Enterprise, SHINE – Self-Help International Network Enterprise. I’m together with him & in our mission of adding value to mankind, through any & every way possible. With a very supportive husband who nurtures my growth as a human & a career person, I take my work very affectionately.

Since starting my business, I’ve also discovered niche areas in developing various programs & my marketing skills.  Now under SHINE Academia De Aedificatio, we offer Programs that are not just courses/ seminars, its a Career path, that can take you a long way in your choice of passion for financial & holistic success. Most programs are approved for SDF Grants by WDA. This includes Social Entrepreneur Development Programs & the World’s ONLY Graduate Programs in Professional Speaking / Training. We also have Conversational Mandarin Programs, People Relations & Professional Networking Certifications.

I’ve started a non-profit support group SHINE Endometriosis Awareness & Support – FIRST in Asia, with online support, for women & their families.

My work gives me the flexibility to spend quality time with my children, & keep a close eye on their studies. The joy of working with your life-partner is immense, though challenging at times. The other perk Of course is being able to take off-peak breaks at good deals. What more can you expect when it is financially very satisfying too?

I’ve learnt that a business can have Lasting Success ONLY when; -
1) You are doing the Business that you truly have a passion for
2) Your Business is a 100% viable model – preferably in a niche industry
3) You have Continual learning & innovation of product/ service
4) You are open to new concepts & ideas
5) Your have a team of quality people, that work for you &/or provide referrals to you.

As I’ve experienced & know of many people, who’s business stop growing when they refuse to grow (learn). So I stand by this – “Grow yourself to Grow your business.”

I’m passionate in the development of an individual’s inner being, rather than the “tools” that beautify them, to facilitate people to live a more Fulfilling Life. I belief that when you help a person, shine inside out, it makes you SHINE through with them!  This satisfaction is the ultimate gratification of the trillion-dollar Professional Speaking & Training Industry!

Co-Founder of SHINE…. The Universal Hand Helping You Discover Fulfillment in Life!
Azeeza Jalaludeen

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