Conducting Interviews to Promote an Affiliate Product

affiliates-blog-tourThe Affiliates Blog Tour continues this week with a great tip for promoting a favorite product.

When you come across a great product it’s natural to want to share it with those around you – so you’ve probably written up a great personalized review and published on your site with your affiliate link.

You’d probably like to remind your readers about the product but you don’t want to keep pushing the same review, right? How about contacting the author of the product and asking them to do a quick interview with you?

The interview doesn’t have to be a ‘live’ interview as in over the phone if you’re not comfortable with that. It can be a simple four to five question email interview. In fact, it would probably be less intrusive and easier for the author to do a simple email interview rather than try to get them on the phone.

Most people will be interested in hearing what the author has to say about their product versus you trying to sell it. In a way you are letting the author to do the selling for you.

Why not make a list of products you’ve been wanting to promote right now? Take some time to research and find the author’s contact info, then write and ask if they’d be willing to answer a brief email interview or if they’d be interested in an audio interview.

Most will say yes. Some will ask for more details. Very few will decline. They’re probably going to be really pleased to have the opportunity to share their expertise and promote the product.

I can assure you right now that Kelly McCausey is always open to interviews about the products and guides offered through the Mom’s Talk Affiliates program.

All you have to do is ask me and I’ll arrange it as soon as possible.

Offer a JV!

If you really want to give a product a big push, you could take this tip to a higher level. Go beyond a simple interview and invite the product creator to join you for a special teleseminar or web conference with your list members. This is just the sort of joint venture offer that many product creators wish for so don’t be afraid to ask.

The message here is important: Affiliate program owners and managers want to work with you. They’re open to your ideas so don’t hesitate to share them!

Tishia Lee is the Mom’s Talk Affiliates Manager. If you aren’t already a Mom’s Talk Network Affiliate I invite you to take a minute and check out the program.

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