How to Expand Your Editing Business

You have chosen your niche for your business. You are doing well but you can do better. In your business plan you may have identified ways to expand when the time arose. Here are some ways to expand your editing business.

There are many ways that you can start a business. One way that you can do it with low overhead is through online marketing. Choosing a business that can be conducted from home locally and/or online is a coup. There is a low overhead and your success is limited only by your vision and your skillset.

What Do You Do in Your Editing Business?

An editing business may revolve around cleaning up someone else’s work. You are the second set of eyes that can put the positive polish on everything from articles to book layouts to advertising campaigns.

This is a service business. You can find clients locally in the Yellow Pages, want ads, specialty papers and trade papers. Even though you are local, you can still conduct work via telephone and internet. If you want, you can conduct personal meetings and work that way.

The prices you charge will depend on local competitors and online competitors. You can charge more for rush jobs and high-profile clientele like large companies with more work. Repeat business is going to be your staple and also help bring in new business.

Identify your service. If you are sticking to books or advertising, state that. This is only where you start, not where you are going to end up.

When to Expand?

If you are ready to expand your business, evaluate the options. Which upgrade is going to give you the best profit? What skills are you adding to the table that are profitable to your business?

Here are some suggestions for increasing your skill set and the areas that you can expand into.

* Take some advanced classes – As an editor, you know that good grammar is a must. Learn about online editing or print editing if you are not in one of those areas yet.

* Know your market – Look at some of the services that others editors are adding that may benefit you as well. If you have that skill, use it. Advertise more online if that is where your market is moving. Consider article marketing, viral video marketing and social networking to find more clients.

* Listen to your clients – Maybe you have lost clients because they were looking for someone who could offer more comprehensive services in one place.

* Formatting – Online e-book formatting is increasingly important as more and more people are downloading information and printing it out. There is lower overhead for the seller and the buyer.

* Proofreading – Related services such as this can give your clients the advantage of getting all their needs in one place – yours.

Are you ready to expand your editing business? Know which way to expand, and if you have the skills know how to turn a profit from them.

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