Stress Management Tips for Work At Home Moms

If you are a work at home mom, you will know exactly how difficult it can get to find a balance between family life and work commitments. Being a mom means staying occupied with a thousand little household chores right from the time the day begins. It could really become a challenge if you have toddlers to look after plus a home office to run. With 24 hours in a day, your time could feel very little. There are also some work at home moms who also look after their ageing parents. As a result of a hectic and fast-paced life, many work at home moms experience varying levels of stress. Here are some effective tips for work at home moms to beat stress:

Make some time for yourself

It is very important for busy work at home moms to find some time for themselves, to either sit around with a book or indulge in a favorite activity. Many times a simple visit to the parlor or a soothing hot water bath can refresh your senses and recharge your energies. It is absolutely important that you devote a little time in the day for your exclusive pleasure.

Music therapy

Music is known to produce a calming effect on the body and the mind. There are many therapists who believe that soothing and peaceful music can help alleviate the harmful effects of stress. You could listen to music when you are taking a break from your cooking, or when cleaning up the house and doing the daily chores. Some work at home moms also play music when they are working; however if you don’t like the idea of work combined with music, you can reserve it for a more pleasurable time. One great idea is to listen to music while having a bubble bath; it is sure to bring oodles of pleasure.

Practice deep breathing

Breathing deeply can be a highly beneficial activity, particularly when you want to give your tired nerves a break. Going through the frantic activities of a day can really get to you. As a work at home mom, you need to treat yourself every once in a while with a little relaxing exercise. Deep breathing is an excellent way to soothe your nerves and rejuvenate your body and mind. When you feel like you can’t take anymore of the work load, try breathing calmly and deeply for a few seconds. You will realize that your body will slowly release the tension and the stress as you allow yourself to relax through deep, long breaths.

Exercise to keep yourself active

Exercising is a great way to ensure that you remain physically active throughout the day. Indulging in any form of exercise, be it a short walk or light physical activity, is excellent for building your self-confidence. When your body is lethargic and does not get enough of exercise, you also tend to become mentally inactive and that could affect the quality of your work. It is immensely important for work at home moms to get some sort of exercise on a regular basis.

Eating right

What you eat can directly influence your mood and overall health. Binging on fast food could cause you not just to put on weight but also increase your stress levels. When you eat healthy and wholesome food, you are in a better position to manage your stress.

Adding humor

Humor is one of the best natural therapies- laughing at yourself and everything around you can significantly help you cut down on your stress.

There are many ways in which work at home moms can effectively handle stress and lead a happy, active life.

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January 19, 2010

NIX74 @ 11:00 pm #

Good tips here. Facebook sometime does help release stress also. This is because it help moms to connect with other, sharing problem and maybe have a short chat.

January 27, 2010

You have mention good and very helpful tips in your blog, I also know the more stress management techniques such as Yoga, meditation, massage therapy which is very helpful to reduce any type of stress.

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