Top Tips for Creating a Successful Online Video

When others can’t read about you and your products, they can watch a video. Everyone likes videos. If you are not using video marketing for your online business, maybe you should consider it.

Have you ever been on YouTube? If you see a video that interests you, you are more likely to share it with those friends on other social networks and through business contacts. It is a very popular medium.

If you want to create an online video for showcasing your expertise or advertising the benefits of your products, here are some tips for doing it right the first time and every time after that.

* Know your audience – Just like with article marketing, if the content isn’t relevant, then no one will want to view it. There are probably hundreds of videos online that no one has seen yet. The reason why is what you want to avoid with your work. Give them exactly what they want. How do you find out? Set up a forum or sort of “suggestion box” for reader comments.

* Choose the proper keywords – Not only are you looking for keywords that are relevant to your subject, but also video triggers. These are words that make people want to share your video. Going viral is like a dream come true for an internet business. You don’t have to be creating a wacky funny accident video to appeal to a lot of viewers.

* Rehearse your wording – Poorly made content videos are shunned just as much as those that are not interesting. Practice your monologue and camera movements. It will pay off in the long run to have the right lighting, the proper volume and slow panning with the camera. What would you like to see in a video? Put those elements in yours.

* Go for broke – Don’t go for the mediocre video. Pull out all the stops. That doesn’t mean spending big bucks on your video but using all the tricks and techniques to get it seen by the most people.

* Timing – This is everything. If you are trying to make use of a relevant event, time your unveiling of the video to that event. The worst thing to do is create a video for a time that has since passed. Stay up to date on your video content.

* Easy access – Your video may appear on YouTube but it doesn’t have to be just for that one site. Think about submitting to multiple video distribution sites. Allow it to be downloaded, commented on and embedded on sites. The more access others have to your marketing videos, the more people will know about your site. The only exception is a video that is for sale as a product.

Where will your video end up? Hopefully it will end in more traffic for your website.

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