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You would have to be living under a rock if you don’t know about popular social networking sites like Facebook. With its popularity, why not use it as a marketing tool? Here is the lowdown on Facebook ads and why they work.

If you haven’t been on Facebook then check it out. People have found relatives, old college friends and high school chums through the network on Facebook. You can create pages to be set up as a fan page for you, a forum-type page or some other idea you have in mind. What you want is to get your friends interested and then they can subscribe and interest their friends.

When you sign up for a Facebook account there are many different points of information that you can provide. All of these searching tools are up for grabs with your Facebook ads. Best of all, the traffic is already there. Millions of people flock to social networks. What you need to do is get their attention.

Here are a few steps to getting a Facebook ad going. First, create a page. You have to have a website promotion page, a fan page or something else that is owned by you. People can come and visit and learn things about your site.

You need an ad that says what you want and need to say. Keywords are important here but not the only consideration. Choose titles that are short and to the point. Use powerful and upbeat wording for the ads.

Here is the really fun part. You get to choose where you want the ads distributed. With Google ads, you can use relevant keywords to determine which search engine pages your ads appear on. With Facebook, you have many more variables based on information that is gathered by the site.

You can get as specific as you want with these ads for maximum target ability. Not just demographics or gender is considered, but relationship status, likes and dislikes. These ads will appear on pages that are relevant to your niche ads. Your ads will also appear on your page for your fans and their friends to see also.

Now, on to the price. How much you pay depends on what type of ad program you want. If you are paying per click, then you can evaluate how much business you are doing in relation to the amount you are paying for advertising.

You may not want to spend too much until you see how well your ads are doing. You will definitely get more visibility in a place where everyone congregates.

If you’ve tried Google, give Facebook ads a try. You might be surprised at the results. They can make your advertising dollars work smarter and not harder for you.

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