5 Important Steps To Be A Mompreneur

Normally the first few steps are the most difficult steps for moms and I could tell you that once you’ve made your first few steps, your dream towards a Mompreneur is getting very near. You need to learn how to make decisions and as a Mompreneur, you’ve got a lot more decisions to make.

For many full time working moms (FTWM), having home based business means we have to leave a full time job and a steady income. It is a difficult decision and some of us will choose to start from a part time basis.

Before I started my Online Business, I asked myself few questions:

  • What are my financial goals for my business?
  • What are my financial needs?
  • How much time do I want to invest each week?
  • How much money do I have to get started?
  • Why I want to have a business?

Set business goals are very important. I must be very clear why I want to have my own business and what are my financial goals.

Different people may have different business goals. If you are a mom that simply looking for additional income, or your primary reasons for opening home based business is to enrich your life and involved more in the community, your goals are different.

I believe most people would have obvious answer to be in business – to make money. However, if you think a littler deeper you might find that you have some other answers. For example, you are interested in diaper cakes and you simply want to make money doing something you like. Maybe you want to know your ability to own and run a business successfully or you want to make connections in your community.

Try to spend some time and recognize the reasons you want to have own business and become a Mompreneur because they’ll help you to decide what type of business you are going to start.

I also asked myself how much time I have for my business. This is a must question because I must promise and stick to my home business schedule. It is not easy for moms to promise a working hours of 40 per week if we are easily distracted from the laundry, dirty kitchen, kids etc. We really need to evaluate and estimate how much time we will have to devote to our business. It is important because it also determine what type of business we are going to start and how we are going to reach our goals.

The most important things I’ve taken into consideration were my resources and skills I have. I have accounting and internet marketing knowledge that can help me in my home based business. What are your strengths? I believe every person has their own strengths. Take out a paper and jot down your strengths, you will have some surprising answers. I also write down the resources I need to start a business like a desk, a computer and printer.

Other important resources are people who may be able to offer guidance. Please bear in mind you need support, guidance and skills from your friends, family, network friends and also communities as you enter the home based business world.

Now come to the most important question to myself. How much funds I would invest into my business and my education? This is very important because once you have your budget, you could avoid over budget or you could grow your business based on the funds you have. I would allocate some funds to invest in my education because I always believe education is a powerful tool. Education not only included courses related to my business but also the seminars or readings that would help for self improvement.

Write down (Visualize) – Business Goals + Working Hours + Resources + Skills + Funds

These are the first few steps you need to do and they are important for you when brainstorming what type of business that’s right for you.

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