How to Be a Better Blogger

Being a great blogger is a skill that can be deliberately cultivated and improved. If you want to attract more people to your blog, have more people return, have people get more from your blog and finally make more money from your blog, then read these tips carefully and see which ones you can apply to your blog.

Where to Find Great Post Ideas

The #1 skill you could have when it comes to finding great post ideas is to be on the lookout for post ideas constantly. Anytime anything significant happens to you, ask yourself: Can my audience learn from this? How can I make this relate to my blog? How can I use this experience to deliver value to my readers?

Read through related websites and through your readers’ comments. What are common problems, experiences, concerns, etc that they have in common? What’s a thought that you personally would like to express about your topic?

Let Your Personality Come Through

Stilted and stale “how to” personalities seldom get much followers online. People don’t just come for your content; they come because they like you.

The more you can let your personality out, the more the people who really enjoy your personality will stick around. Yes, it also means some people will get turned off – But that’s far, far better than being “just another blog” that didn’t quite make an impression at all.

Don’t feel like you need to speak in “corporate speak”. Don’t try and “sound professional”. Instead, speak in an informal, person to person kind of personality.

Outline a Post With Bullets, Then Fill it Out

Instead of trying to write a great post from top to bottom, try writing out the big bullet point ideas instead.

This allows you to see the whole article from a bird’s eye view before you start writing. It allows you to order your ideas and make sure they all fit together right from the beginning.

Then, once you have the main ideas of the blog post, write an introductory paragraph then fill out your bullet points. Finally, end you post with your finishing comments.

Many authors try to write in the typical top to bottom fashion and have a very hard time coming up with ideas that flow. By mapping out your blog post before you even start, you make your content better and easier to write.

Pay Equal Attention to Marketing

Having great content and great marketing are both crucial.

If you don’t have great content, people who come to your site won’t want to stay and won’t come back.

However, if you don’t have great marketing, if you aren’t getting the word out about your site, then people aren’t even going to know you exist in the first place.

As a blogger, it’s crucial that you get great at both providing high quality, valuable content AND at getting hordes of visitors to your websites.

If you apply these four principles – Finding truly great ideas for blog posts, writing with personality, mapping out your blog posts before writing and applying proven marketing techniques – You’ll find that your blogging and your visitor stats will very noticeably improve.

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