Smart Tips to Beat Blogger’s Block

Writer’s – or blogger’s – block happens to everyone. It can be caused by a number of things. You may be feeling uninspired. You may be feeling unmotivated. You may feel as if you’ve simply run out of ideas. Here are ten smart tips to beat writer’s block.

1. Walk or exercise for ten to fifteen minutes. If you’re struggling to find inspiration or motivation to blog, take a break. Head outside for a brisk walk. The fresh air and sunshine will clear your head. If the weather is inclement, stretch your body for a few minutes. Get the blood circulating.

2. Do something menial. Have you ever noticed that great ideas come to you when you’re doing something menial? Inspiration comes while you’re driving, in the shower or washing dishes. If you’re having trouble finding blogging inspiration, set it aside and do something menial. You may find that great blogging idea.

3. Keep a list. Keep a list of blogging ideas. Keep a notebook or recording device with you at all times. When an idea for a blog post comes to you, jot it down. Then, when you’re dealing with blogger’s block all you have to do is pull out your handy dandy list.

4. Read a magazine. Magazine covers are great for inspiring ideas. Grab three to five headlines from the cover of a magazine and change the words. For example, “Ten Ways to Beat ______” or “Top __ Tips for ________”. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

5. Read industry blogs, articles, and e-books. Reading industry news often helps inspire ideas for your own blog content.

6. Borrow from some old material. Grab an old post that received good feedback, traffic or comments and update it.

7. Create a blogging ritual. Blogger’s block often occurs because you’re not in the right frame of mind to write. Create a writing or blogging ritual. Pour a cup of coffee. Take the dog for a walk. Check your horoscope and then sit down to write.

8. Answer a question. If you’re struggling to find inspiration and motivation, simply answer a question that you commonly hear. Chances are you can answer it in about five to ten minutes. Instant blog post.

9. Break a routine. Writer’s block is also caused by too much routine. If you’re struggling to find motivation or inspiration to blog, change your routine. Head to a coffee shop. Write on paper instead of your laptop. Record your blog post and then have it transcribed. Mixing things up helps open your creative blogging side.

10. Push through it. Sometimes you just have to push through it. Tell yourself, “I’m just going to outline my blog post.” Or, “I’m just going to write the first paragraph.” Get that first task done, take a break and then tackle another smaller task.

Blogging day after day, month after month can be difficult. To make blogger’s block easier, try to write several blog posts on those days that you’re feeling creative and productive. Then you’ll have a stockpile for those days when you feel blocked.

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