Speed Up Your Writing Time with These Top Tips

Does writing your website content seem to take all day? Do you have time pressures to write quickly but just cannot seem to get the job done? Take advantage of these professional writing tips to speed up your writing time. Get more done in less time.

1. Create a plan or outline. Before you begin writing your content, plan it out. Decide exactly what you’re writing about. Create the structure for your piece.

For example, if you’re writing a “how to”, then outline the steps you’re going to include in your article. If you’re writing an informative article, then what information are you going to share to support your headline? Are you writing a tips article or report? If so, what tips are you going to write about? Create the structure and plan your content before you write it. Planning your content can be accomplished in a few minutes and you’ll cut your writing time in half.

2. Set a timer to keep you focused. Many times the reason it takes so long to write is because you’re distracted. From the internet to chores and other tasks, it’s easy to get sidetracked from your writing. Setting a timer helps keep you focused on a single task. Set the timer for the time you think it should take to write your content piece.

3. Work in blocks. Sometimes writing a lot of content can feel overwhelming. Instead of looking at a ten-page report or a list of twenty blog posts, break them down into smaller bites. If you have ten articles to write, then write three and take a break. Come back, write three more and then take a break. Try to write for no longer than an hour at a time without taking a break.

4. Edit later. Editing while you write slows you down dramatically. Fiction writers know that it also inhibits your flow and creativity. Simply write until it’s done. Then go back and edit for spelling, grammar and clarity. You’ll get twice as much done in half the time if you use this simple tip.

5. Write when you feel most productive. This may sound a bit strange but it’s best to write at your most energetic and focused time of the day. If you save your writing for when you’re feeling low energy, you’re going to be moving slowly. If you’re a morning person, then write first thing in the morning. If you’re a night person, then vice versa. Many people save this time of the day for their-profit generating tasks. However, content is an essential aspect of any online business. Make it a priority.

Writing fast takes practice. It also takes focus, a system, and a commitment. Try these top five tips and get more writing done in less time.

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