How to Create Captivating Content

Captivating content is content that by definition “attracts and holds by charm, beauty, or excellence.” Something captivating can be funny, poignant, or even suspenseful. It can also be superior with the value it offers. Doesn’t sound so easy to accomplish, right? Well with a little insight and a plan you can create captivating content.

Here’s how:
Consider telling a story. Captivating content generally tells a story. Not necessarily a fiction story either. Though you can certainly fabricate a story. It’s often much more interesting if you use a personal story in your content. The reason is that when you’re sharing a personal account chances are your description and information is much more creative. This makes it more interesting.

When you write what you know it comes through on the page. Think about when you’re telling a story to someone. When it happened to you it’s much easier to tell the story and get a good reaction. When you’re recounting a story that happened to someone else it’s tough to communicate the event.

Additionally, sharing a story helps readers connect with you. It helps strengthen your brand Prospects like you, they follow you. They seek to read more content on your website.

As a side note – you can also get creative with your personal stories. Writers call it embellishment!

Another way to captivate readers is to engage them with original content and thoughtful information. In the definition of captivating they say you can captivate with “excellence”. When you provide information that no one has read before you can captivate. You can also present information in a new and helpful way.

Think about blogs you read often. How do the writer’s captivate? Chances are they provide you with truly excellent content. Maybe they make you laugh. Maybe they make you think. That’s the key to captivating content.

The next time you sit down to write content, ask yourself these key questions:

  • Does the title/headline make me want to read more? Does it grab my attention?
  • How can I share a story to further enhance the content and provide value? (Don’t tell a story just to tell a story. It has to be relevant to the content.)
  • How can I structure this information to provide the most value?
  • What “out of the box” information can I add to take this content to the next level?
  • And if you’re really stumped, then choose your favorite writer and ask, “What would ____ do?” Take a look at their content and emulate their style.

With a bit of practice and consideration writing captivating content will come naturally. Pay attention to what your audience finds captivating too. Then simply repeat your efforts. To your success!

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