How to Reach Moms in the Digital Age

Moms have a lot to be responsible for on a daily basis. To handle the load of children, chores, housework, shopping and maintaining the home, moms have turned to technology for help. Reaching moms in the age of technology requires more than just television commercials and radio ads.

Moms these days are not as old-fashioned as you think. They are walking around with iPods, cellular phones, mp3 players and PDAs. Moms need to be able to access the information that they need while staying on the go. If you want to gain the attention of these moms, you need to meet them where they are.

According to A. C. Nielsen NetRatings (2008-09), 40 percent of all women online in the United States have kids who are under eighteen years of age. That actual number is in the millions. These moms range in age from their twenties to mid-forties. So where do you go to satisfy such a wide age range?

Younger moms (35 and under) are more likely to tap into emerging technologies on the Web. They like using social networking media like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. These moms are not just using technology for information gathering but keeping up with family members and running their businesses. Online entrepreneurship is one way that moms can create new streams of income and care for their children at the same time.

Older moms are not usually as comfortable with all of the new fads but they are using the Internet to their advantage. Like younger moms, they are shopping online. It is easier to shop online because you don’t have to bundle the kids up and take them out to the store.

But, don’t be fooled. These moms are savvy shoppers who join forums and read reviews of products before they choose a website to buy from. With control of the majority of household spending, this accounts for billions of dollars. This translates into a lot of time spent online.

For the business marketer, reaching moms online is twofold. One, it requires providing them the information they need in easy-to-access formats. Provide helpful content on your website as well as podcasts, product reviews and participation in mom-oriented forums. Moms read those but especially moms over 45.

Secondly, make your presence known on social sites like Twitter and YouTube. Creating how-to and informational videos save moms time when searching for information. It is easier than you think these days to create and upload videos.

Want to reach moms in the digital age? Learn what technology moms are using and tap into the market.

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