Online Marketing Tips For Mom-Targeted EBooks

Now that you have several eBooks put together that you want to sell, how do you get the right people interested? To gain a foothold in the mom market, your marketing needs to be on point with them. Here are a few tips for marketing your eBooks online to moms.

The solution to the mom market equation has been met in part. You have created an eBook product that focuses on moms. Your research has led you to a better understanding of the products that they need. Your eBooks are targeted to the mom market.

Now, you have to get those eBooks in the hands of the moms. The second part of the equation deals with using creative marketing to reach these moms and gain their interest and trust. Moms are savvy Internet users, businesswomen and concerned parents. They won’t be fooled by fluff content or someone who pretends to understand them.

Online marketing tips

1.    Create relevant content. You performed keyword research so use that to your advantage. Create content that uses those keywords, both one-word and long tail keyword phrases. Post the content on your website, your blog and submit to article directories. Content keeps readers coming back but you want it to be effective by showing up on the first page of search engine results.

2.    Create videos. Don’t be afraid to use YouTube. Even kids are using it to showcase things that concern them. Begin a viral marketing campaign using videos about your products. Moms love to watch how-to videos. Create one that relates to the topic of your eBook as a hook with a mention and link to the actual eBook page on your site.

3.    Include podcasts on your site. You can create your own radio-type show to talk with other moms about important issues. Perform and broadcast interviews with mom-preneurs and favorite mom website owners. Keep the “voice” down to earth so all moms can connect and identify with you.

4.    Use a Google Adwords campaign. Create focused appealing ads that will appear on the search results page. Use effective keywords that you used in your content to increase the number of times your ad will appear next to search results.

5.    Use press releases. Draw attention to your new line of products. Create a press release for the eBook. Gain interest and momentum for the impending launch date.

You have spent the time creating the eBook that will be interesting and helpful to moms. Now, use the following tips to make sure that they will see it.

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