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I never think that I have chance to be a work at home mom and don’t mention about be a Mompreneur. But today I make my dream comes true and I’m now a work at home mom. Working at home can be a blessing or a disaster depending on how you are able to handle it. I know some people just don’t like to stay at home but prefer to “get out in the world” to work.

I’m a home based person and I absolutely love working from home. Of course working from home not means to have life like my mother’s time to get some job to do at home and get paid. Now we are talking about home based business where we are the business owners. Some people thought that home business owners always have easy life and not working that hard compare to working outside. Also they may think that we have less problems and more advantages. This is not the case, and in fact we work harder and do have disadvantages and problems as well.

Work at home mom easily feel lonely by sitting at the little corner or home office facing the computer. of course, if you are doing home business with baking or sewing or other industries, your time of facing the computer is lesser compare to me. However, if you have a website for your online business, you definitely need to spend time on promoting your business online. When you start feeling isolated and lonely, try to contact an online friend and chit chat for a while. Sometimes there is no one available and you can take a break and go for your kids.

I’m doing internet business which require me to use the computer most of my time doing social networking or articles writing and that’s why I always get some fresh air outside the room after a task has been done.

This is the most important and tough one. Many home business owners including me tend to be lazy once a while. What I do is to have my busines goals written down and when I feel lazy, I read the reasons of why I started my business. Besides, I also think of my readers and friends that following my site all the while. This helps me to get back into focus and to get motivated back to work. Another solution is to read some useful eBooks or articles related to your field to get motivated.

You need to train yourself to work when it is work time because you have no boss to do it for you. You are your own boss and you give instruction to yourself.

Family distractions
Be frankly, one of my reason to work at home is to have more time for my kid and also participate more in her life. Therefore it’s really hard for me to fix my time to work from 9am to 5pm at home or 10am to 4pm. I just couldn’t get myself concentrate in front of the computer for long time when my girl asks for accompany. I believe you can understand if you are also a work at home mom. Only time for me to concentrate on my work is during my girl’s nap time and her video watching time. I also schedule to work on task basis. Once I finish the tasks per day I will spare time for my family.

Buy Acomplia Online justify;”>You can try to schedule your work based on task basis and this is a good way to get your job done while have time for your family.

Schedule Keeping
Well, having own schedule or task list is easy but sticking to it is not easy. I always have a flexible schedule and a daily schedule insted of a hourly one. It’s less stressful and I know I can finish the tasks daily. The feeling of finishing the tasks is important and it always gives you confident. Don’t make your schedule too tight and if you have 10 things to finish in a day but you can only get 4 done, this can be frustrating and you easily feel upset.

I ever mentioned that moms who have home business need home office. This is very true that you must get a room or a corner at your house to be your working place. To have your own working space, you are clearly delivering the message that you are working at home. Sooner or later, when your family members or your children see you are at your working space, they automatically know that you are at work and this is not the right time to disturb you.

If you need to handle inventories and have lots of office documents, you need to have a space for the storage and try to avoid having your products all around the house. Your family members would get frustrated and also feel messy. Be more organize and it helps to improve your productivity.

I don’t have extra room to be my home office. I just simply set up a table at my room and all I need is just a laptop to start my work. This is the beauty of internet business where I don’t need to handle any physical stocks and also sending products. I also don’t have any paper documents as all my things or information are being stored inside my computer.

Lack of respect
Ok, I know not all of our family members and friends know how important our business is. No matter how they think or feel that you should go and get a “real job” outside, you just need to sit them down and explain that this is your own business and it is very important to you and your family in the future and they need to respect that. Of course, they may not have the same feeling or may argue with you, you just don’t need to explain more or it would affect your relationship or friendship with them. Just stick to your goals and work for your dream come true to prove them that you are doing the correct choice.

I also have my own family members and friends that don’t really understand what I’m doing and I will try to explain more to them. Sometimes I won’t and it really depends on who the family members and friends are. If the more you explain, the more they couldn’t accept, then just talk another topics that will make you both happy! Be firm to your own choice!

Although working at home does have some disadvantages, I would not want to give up for anything. I love the freedom of it, the pride of it and all the wonderful people I have met.

If you are a home business owner like me, I wish you success in whichever path you choose! Or if you feel you are a candidate for a home business, I say just go do it!

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