Work At Home Moms – How To Not Get Exploited

While being a work at home mom brings along plenty of opportunities and perks your way, there are some hassles that you will have to learn to deal with. Since you work from home, people tend to think that you have lots of time in your hands and can comfortably entertain visitors as and when they drop in. It is definitely not easy for your friends or relatives to understand that you can hardly spare extra time, particularly during the working days. A work at home mom is just as busy as anyone else, and needs time exclusively to devote to her work.

Be assertive

As a work at home mom, you need to be assertive about your work timings. Make it a point for your friends and relatives to understand that you actually do some “serious” work from home and can’t be disturbed whenever it suits them. Don’t be too casual and relaxed about being disturbed when you are working, after all it’s you who will have to pay the price in the end. If a friend drops in for a chat when you are in the middle of a hectic work schedule you will need to be polite but firm and explain your situation.

Giving priority to your work

One of the main reasons most women opt to work from home is to spend time with their friends and family. However you also need to pay attention to your work. Going out shopping with a friend during your free time is a good way to take a break from your work, however you cannot continue to do that every time you are feeling bored or don’t feel like working. Working from home requires you to have a considerable amount of dedication and discipline to ensure that your home business makes progress. One day’s neglect could cost you heavily and even drive a few potential clients away. You cannot afford to neglect your home business, particularly during the initial stage. If a friend offers to take you out for a drive, much as you would like to go, firmly assert your will to stay back and complete your work. You could also request your friend to drop in when things are less hectic for you.

Planning ahead

Try and explain to people around you as clearly as you can that you have work to complete by the end of the day. Most people tend to forget and then again give you a call, inviting you for a tea party. Instead of flatly refusing every time, you could give your friends an alternate plan, it could be a day in the coming week when you would have some free time and you could meet up with your friend. Planning ahead will help you maintain your workflow and you also won’t miss out on the fun. Most times it just helps when you patiently and calmly explain to the people around you that you are in fact in a “real job” and would very much appreciate it if they could respect your working hours.

Working from home can be easy and simple provided that you are able to gently explain to the people around you that you do need your time and space to complete your day’s tasks. While some people understand better, there are some others who will persistently try to get you out of the house and help them out with their shopping and other activities. The best way to deal with them is to be firm and assertive about your work commitments and tell them your work is important and needs attention. With time you will find that they will get the message and leave you to do your work.

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