Steam Mid Wing Chicken

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If you know how or where to get home made Chinese rice wine, ,then it will be easy to make this dish. I tried the same dish with the rice wine from the shelf before. This time I tried it with the home made Chinese rice wine version, mine is with the grape taste, I think it goes well with the normal rice wine as well.

Prepare Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 12 mins


- 12 mid chicken wings
- A handful of wolf berries
- Home made Chinese rice wine
- Salt


1. Marinade chicken wings with salt for half an hour or more. Soak wolfberries in water.
2. Wash away the salt on the chicken wings.
3. Pour Chinese rice wine on the chicken wings and spread the wolfberries on top.
4. Steam 3. in medium heat for 12 minutes or till they are cooked.

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