Omelette Nigiri

Omelette Nigiri


  • 1pc      Roasted Seaweed Sheet
  • 400g    Sushi Rice


  • 12        Eggs
  • 70g      Sugar
  • 2 tbsp  Salt
  • 40ml    Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)
  • 180ml  Fresh Milk
  • 1 tbsp  Corn Starch


Combine all omelette ingredients and beat evenly. Heat up some oil in a square pan. Swirl the pan to ensure the whole pan is glazed with oil. Pour in about 90ml of omelette mixture and cook over medium heat till 90% done. Fold it up to the side with a thickness of about 6cm using chopsticks.

Heat up some oil again on the empty part of the pan and add more omelette mixture. Lift up the omelette slightly at the side to allow the newly added omelette mixture to flow underneath. Cook till 90% done then fold it up again and set it on top of the previous omelette.

Repeat the steps until all omelette mixture is used up. Square omelette with a wooden block and remove. Leave to cool.

Cut omelette into 20 slices. Cut roasted seaweed sheet into 20 strips of size 10.25cm x 1cm.

Mould shushi rice into 20 rice balls. Place a sushi rice ball on top of each slice of omelette and press each rice ball into rectangular shape. Flip over and press a few more times till omelette is secured to the sushi rice. Wrap each rice ball with a roasted seaweed strip and serve.

source: Sushi Tale (Chef Roger Wong)

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January 29, 2011

S Lloyd @ 2:30 pm #

Just tried this recipe. Turned out really good. Thanks

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