Crepe Sandwich Sushi

Crepe Sandwich Sushi – Serving: 1 piece


  • 1pc      Roasted Seaweed Sheet
  • 40g     Grilled Eel
  • 40g     Japanese Cucumber
  • 80g     Sushi Rice
  • 1pc     Crepe
  • 20g    Japanese Mayonnaise


  1. Cut roasted seaweed sheet into 18.5cm x 10.25cm
  2. To prepare grilled eel
  3. Cut grilled eel into slices
  4. Cut cucumber into slices
  5. Spread out sushi rice evenly on seaweed sheet
  6. Tetracycline justify;”>Place a piece of crepe on top of sushi rice. Flip over and cut into half diagonally
  7. Place cucumber and grilled eel before spreading mayonnaise on half of the sushi rice sandwich. Cover with the other half of the sandwich and serve.

source: Sushi Tale (Chef Roger Wong)

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