Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rates in Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the tactics with the most potential for profit. You’re sending messages to people who have expressed an interest in your business. However, many email marketing campaigns fall short of expectations. Here are nine strategies to increase your conversion rates in email marketing campaigns.

1. Start on the right foot – Many business owners do a great job of motivating the sign-up and then they immediately drop the ball. Email marketing is about building a relationship. As soon as someone signs up for your email list, send them a welcome email. If you can include links to valuable content and resources, you’re setting the groundwork for a great relationship. Your prospect will look forward to opening emails from you and receiving value and benefit.

2 Share your enthusiasm – In order to make an impression and have an impact, share your enthusiasm for both the information you’re sharing and the offer. When you love what you’re doing, it shows. It also shows when you don’t believe in your message.

3. Write a great headline and subject line – Learn some basic copywriting skills. Learn to write a great headline. And take the time to test various headlines to see which ones generate the best results. You want your subject line to motivate recipients to open your email. You want your headline to motivate them to read your message.

4. Proof positive - People make buying decisions based on their emotions. They reinforce these decisions based on logic. Use testimonials, data and even case studies or endorsements to offer proof. Help your prospect justify their decision to buy.

5. Can you guarantee? – A guarantee minimizes and often eliminates any risk. And if you’re hesitant to offer a guarantee, remember this… most people do not return their products even when they’re not 100% satisfied. Sure, you’ll have a few people who return it. However, the results you’ll receive in conversions will more than make up for those few returned products.

6. Ply them with gifts – Continue to build your relationship with your subscribers by giving them stuff for free. In addition to sending regular newsletters, also give them unexpected gifts. Consider sending a free e-book or report.

7. Make it professional – Make sure your email messages look professional. Create a consistent theme or format. Brand your messages. And include a signature box. It adds credibility, awareness and personality to your message. Additionally, your prospects begin to know what to expect from you. Establish a relationship with them and they will buy.

8. Call to action – Always include a call to action, even if you’re only sending valuable content without a promotional message attached. Send recipients to your website for more information. Inspire them to check out a video or blog post. Share a free resource with them. Each message you send should have a purpose and a call to action to support it.

9. Test and track - Finally, test and track your email marketing efforts. Review your analytics. Learn which messages convert higher than the others. Test subject lines, calls to action and even the design of your message.

Email marketing is too important a tactic to simply let it go to waste. Use these tips, test and track and fine-tune your email marketing strategy today. Even a small increase in conversions is worth the effort.

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