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Will work at home mom get stressed? The answer is definitely YES.  For work at home moms like me, I can’t avoid bringing my work home with me because it’s already there. Every job or business has the stressful period and every work from home mom has their own stress time. For me, I can’t finish my to-do list within my time frame or when my computer messes up at the worst possible moment, I feel stress!

Being a work from home mom is not easy and how can we unwind when we get stressed in our home office? I’ve get some tips to unwind the stress when surfing online, let’s share with you the tips.

Walk away
I think this is the first thing we need to do when we really feel stress with our work at home. Long hours working from home can make our minds get stuck and couldn’t function well. I experience this myself where I faced problem with my work and I just be so stubborn to continue working hoped to find the solution immediately. However, the things just not happened as I wish. I spent longer time and yet couldn’t get the solution. The problem later being solved when I’ve calmed down and it took a shorter time.

Through the experience, I understand that the best way is to walk away from your work when you feel stress. You actually can’t really concentrate and focus on your work. Just step away from your desk for a few minutes and take a few deep breathes. Then take a look at what you can do to get through this and get to work. This really helps and now I won’t force myself to sit in front of the computer to get the problem solved immediately but will walk away for a few minutes to calm down and think of the possible solution.

Talk to a friend
You may pick up your phone and call a friend to talk to or ask your friend to go for a meal to unwind your stress. Stay long in the house facing the kids and work is not healthy and talk to someone is a good solution for release the work at home stress.

It’s not necessary to talk to your friends about your stress at work and expect them to help you with the solution if they are not in your field. Just have a chit chat talking about topics that share the same interests will make you happy too. Of course if you meet with like-minded friends who are in your business field, they might be able to give you some advices and help you unwind your stress in more effective way.

You will definitely find yourself in a better mood after hang up the phone or back from an outing with friends. Then you may continue with your work and it’s normally more productive and efficient.

Indulge yourself
Work at home moms must love yourself. You must have your personal time doing something you like and cannot just spend all day long doing your home business. Indulge yourself with a good movie, arrange dating time with your hubby, indulge yourself at spa or spend some quiet time enjoy your favourite reading with a coffee. Just find your own way to love yourself and it will help you to feel better and more relax.

I like to go movie with my hubby and enjoy the couple time without my kids. Sometimes I will go for a facial or spa massage to relax my body and my mind. I find that these are my good ways to unwind my stress and it normally helps for the work concentration after some relaxation.

I believe we must exercise to keep ourselves healthy and regardless of you are in the stress situation. However, studies show that exercise really helps to unwind the stress and I think we work at home moms should exercise more.

Go for a short walk every evening or go for bike ride with your kids during weekend is an exercise too. You may also join a gym or some dancing and swimming class to make you sweat.

If you are not an outing mom like me, you can exercise at home. My friend recommends me the Yoga Online where I can learn Yoga and exercise at home with a very cheap rate. We all know that Yoga has it’s advantages and good for health. So, it’s a good choice for moms who have no time to attend classes.

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Just try to relax yourself and choose the most workable methods to unwind your stress. If you can’t eliminate it totally, you can try to minimize the stress.

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June 16, 2009
June 17, 2009

Patrice @ 8:34 pm #

Thanks for those excellent tips for work at home mom on how to unwind the stress. I will use them as a reference. Keep posting!

June 24, 2009

I totally agree with you.. These are the best tips to control unwind the Stress for work from home moms…

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