Work at Home Mom – Avoiding the Weight Gain

Weight gain always a “big” problem for every women and it’s not only for work at home mom. However, comparing to full time working moms, moms who work from home have higher chance to gain weight. Switching from full time job to home office, I find that the chance of weight gain mostly due to the following 2 reasons:

  1. Easy access to snacks
  2. Lack of exercise

Easy access to snacks
There is someone watching at you when you work in office, you don’t have the convenient to eat snacks in front of all the colleagues and in front of your boss! It is only a lunch time to buy a meal to fill your tummy. Some might have privilege to enjoy the tea break, but tea time is not available to many companies.

Working from home means you are your own boss, you in-charge of your own working time and also no one controlling you from walk away from your computer. Every moment can be your snack time! You always have easy access to your fridge that full of food and drinks. Some moms try to unwind stress by eat more, this habit increase the chance of weight gain.

I must admit that eating is a good way to release stress and keep the good mood especially snacks like ice-cream and chocolates. However, too much of high calories snack is the cause of the fat and destroy our outlook. You won’t see the difference of your weight until you step on the bathroom scale or your friends tell you so.

Now, it’s your time to watch what you eat and avoid eating every time the kids ask for the snacks. If you really want to eat, store some fruits in your fridge. Fruits are always better than snacks. By doing this, you also encourage your kids to take more fruits rather than snacks which is not good for the health.

Lack of exercise
When you work outside the home, you need to wake up early and get ready to work. You walk to your car or walk to the nearest public transport station and in the office, you may need to walk around in the office whole day. Walking is a form of exercise too!

Comparing when working from home, you lack the chance of walk around but spend your long hours in front of the computer. The distance of your bedroom and home office is so near that only a few steps to reach the others. Also, it’s only a few more steps away from your pantry and fridge which is a disadvantage again! ;)

Just go get some regular exercise. Join some classes like gym, swimming or have an evening bike ride with kids can prevent from weight gain and also it’s good for your health. If you are a real busy work at home moms and find no time for outdoor exercise, I recommend you to get the Yoga Online where you can exercise from home anytime you wish. :)

Avoid too much snacks and spend some time on exercise, you will sooner become a healthier, leaner and more energized work at home mom.

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July 1, 2009

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