Work at Home Mom Should Work How Many Hours per Day

How many hours per day should a work at home mo work to earn passive income? This sounds difficult for a mom who has only 2 to 3 hours allocate to work per day? Many moms actually share with me that they don’t have much time per day for work because they need to take care of the housework and the kids. I truly understand this because I’m also a mom, a work at home mom.

There is a statement that “Stay at home moms have many free time at home”. This is a unfair statement for moms and never try to mention this statement in front of stay at home moms because they will get irritated. Haa.. :)

If you never be a full time housewife, you will never know how busy you could be if you are a stay at home mom. Let me share with you how’s our daily life. Normally we need to wake up early in the morning to prepare for the kids to go to school. After sending them to school, it’s time for market, preparing lunch, laundry and daily housework. There’s a few hours free time for moms before time to prepare dinner for the family again. Night time is the family time and we need to accompany kids for the games and their homework. For moms who have baby at home, they may have to stand by all the time for the baby and there is less private time. Of course, every mom has different life style, but basically most of our time has contributed to the family.

Now, back to the question again. If we have only 2 to 3 hours per day and we hope to earn some extra using the free time, what work at home job can we do? I ever asked myself this question and I actually looked for some work at home jobs such as data entry, online surveys etc. However, I found that none of these jobs give me good income. Those jobs offer very little income and they are not on daily basis. Even if I have free time of 2 hours per day, they didn’t have any work for me daily. The most crucial point is, once I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. My calculation shows me that I can’t even earn $200 per month if I choose to work on this work at home jobs.

Finally, I choose to drop the idea of “job” and go for “business”. Only when I work for my own business, I can earn more with the limited 2 to 3 hours free time per day and also earn while I didn’t work. Ok, I know some of you didn’t understand what “business” I mean here and many moms do ask me this question and how they can start their own business etc.

Internet business is not something difficult. Blogging for profit, sell affiliate programs, products and services are an internet business. In fact many moms are doing the above but they didn’t realize this could be a serious business. If you change your mindset and seriously treat blogging a serious business, I’m sure you will find this business interesting and you will be happy when find it earn you money while you spend time with family or asleep.

Let’s see how blogging is a serious business and it earns 5 figures per month to Problogger, Yaro Starak. You have to read this if you want to earn passive income with the limited free time per day.

“Yes, I want to read this, please give me a copy”

You may also get more info on how to increase your earning at Mompreneur Internet Marketing Hub.

Let’s be a happy work at home mom and earn passive income at home! :)

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June 21, 2009

Patrice @ 2:06 pm #

Great post!Being a Work-at-home mom is not an easy job. Thus, time management for family and work is very important.

July 1, 2009

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