4 Ways To Attract More Sales

There are many ways to attact more online sales and I would like to share with you some ways that I’ve learnt and I find them very efficient and effective to increase your sales.

Free shipping costs for larger orders
This is the most common technique that most of the online business owners are using. This method actually encourages customers to purchase more at one time and by doing so, they save the cost of shipping. Also, it doesn’t take much time and effort for the seller to pack and ship 8 items than to pack and ship 1 item.

We all understand that the shipping charge for a small item is quite high and normally online shoppers hate paying shipping costs. Give your customers best deal by encourage them to place larger orders and offer the free shipping costs. This has been proved to be an effective way at boosting sales.

Encourage impulse buys
You have 3 ways to encourge the impulse buys,

  1. buy generic amoxil style=”text-align: justify;”>Suggest related products
  2. Associate linked products
  3. Limited time offer

Impulse buy is a method that widely used and if you don’t have any idea about this, let me show you an example. When you go to fast food restaurants like Kentucky or McDonalds, I’m sure you have the experience being asked for “any upsize for you?” or “do you want some fries with that?” These are the real examples of encourage impulse buys and you can do it exactly with your online business.

As mentioned above, there are 3 ways for you to do that. You could suggest to your customers some related products and offer them the special price if the customers get it for second item. It’s so common especially when I go shopping during festive season, they always offer 50% for the second item purchase.

Linked products are the products that have close connection with the main item they bought. For example, if a customer buys a video game, you may ask if he would like to buy some batteries or games. Try to think of the linked products for the main products you are selling and offer them to your customers.

Most of us would try to get the best deal and when we see there are signboards with “last two days”, we will go in and take a look any great stuffs offer for the last two days. Apply the limited time offer for your customers and do remember that your advertised limited time offer really needs to expire so that your customers have the trust on you.

Show customers the total pricing
I’m very particular about total price I need to pay when shopping online. I hate those site to ask for my payment details before I know exactly how much I need to pay. And as a result, I leave the site without completing the purchase.

I believe most customers would have the same feeling as mine and want to know the total price before filling out a shopping cart order form. Do take note of this point and give your customers a pleasant shopping at your site.

Products information and photos
It doesn’t matter you are selling physical products or digital products, customers want to see what they’re buying and they want to know a lot about it.

Website design is an important element but visitors go for the content and web pages with useful information will attract consistent visitors. Customers feel more comfortable buying from you if your site turns into an authority site. Do provide good information at your site so that to attract human visitors and search engine spiders.

Get thumbnail images for your products will be an added advantages. People want to see the how the products look like. Link the thumbnail images to full size photos will be a better option because this will speed up the download time.

The above are some successful marketing techniques that help encourage visitors to buy before they leave your site. Since salespeople use them and I think we should use too!

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April 1, 2009

MumNBabes @ 10:25 pm #

Tot I have done all that… but still traffic is there but sales can be better:)

April 2, 2009