5 Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales

After you have a website up and you are starting your online business selling products or services, you will then find that your business is not going well as your expectation. You are unable to make sales on your website, or your sales are very low. Now, is your time to find out what are the marketing tips that would increase the online sales.

Sales Text
I’ve visited so many websites and found that the websites either no sales text or very brief sales text. Persuasive and passionate sales text are very important! Strong sales text is the number one most important factor of a successful e-business website.

Persuasive and passionate sales text are sales text that would excite people into wanting to buy what you are selling. Why they want to buy your product or service? What is the most important benefits of your product or service? You could try to think of the questions they would have and create answers to those questions. If you are not sure what questions your potential customers would have, ask your sibling or friends what would make them to buy your product or service.

Try to put yourself in the situation if you were in face to face sales meeting with a prospective customer and what would you say to him/her. This would help you to write great sales text.

Always include your contact such as link to your contact form, address or telephone number on every page of your website. Sometimes I come across websites that I couldn’t find where is the contact page to send in my inquiries. This drive me away and of course drive many other potential customers away. Never make people search to find out how to contact you.

When you make it easy for people to contact you, they will trust you more. Thus, you will get more sales since they know you are not hiding from them. Don’t worry that disclose too many information on your website, you are in business and try to put yourself in other’s shoes, if today you are the customer, would you like to buy from a site that don’t have contact information? You have enough confident to buy from this site?

What is your payment mode? Make it easy for people to choose the most convenient payment mode at your website. Most people nowadays choose to buy with a credit card or paypal. I normally use credit card or paypal for online purchase because I find that it’s very convenient for me without stepping out of my house. I really don’t like to buy from a website that only offer bank transfer which require me to go to the bank or get a ATM for funds transfer.

It’s easy and inexpensive to add credit card payment processing to your website. Remember, Convenient Your Customers!

Customer Testimonials
Customer testimonials just work like magic. Tell other potential customers what your existing customers like about your products or services by add customer testimonials throughout your website. You can invite your customers to write you the testimonial or if they are too busy to write for you, just give them a call and ask them what they like most about your product or service. You can then write it down and seek their permission to use as a testimonial. I believe every person will say yes.

Money Back Guarantee
This is an essential element for your online business to success. To offer a money back guarantee, your customers would immediately feel that they have no risk in doing business with you.

I prefer to buy from a site that offer money back guarantee because I don’t know the quality of the product when the first time purchase from the site. Even I don’t really make a refund if find that the product is not suitable, but I feel more comfortable when the site do allow money back guarantee.

Apply the marketing tips above and you will immediately see an increase in sales.

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