5 Ways To Improve Your Website

Every business entrepreneur needs website. Companies and business owners need websites to market their products or services online. Internet and affiliate marketers need websites, and we, Mompreneurs need websites too. Entrepreneurs in internet business can’t live without a website. Websites help to connect us with our customers and also important in the aspect of our business growth.

There are two types of websites – Brochure Website and Direct Response Website.

Brochure website – have a nice, safe logical layout of information but little, if any, clear calls to action.
Direct response website – gear towards getting visitors to take action.

Website is a form of marketing tool and thus optimize website to attract free traffic and increase sales is our main task here. Here are some tips to improve the website.

1. Most Wanted Response (MWR) – What we want people to do when they first visit our site? It is very important to have a clear MWR for each and every page of our website. For example, you want them to request for more information? Call you to arrange a consultation? Or reserve a place for your next coaching workshop? Remove anything that does not support our MWR.

You may have a special column at your side bar for Most Want Response (MWR) so that it will show for each and every page of your website.

2. Who Are You? – Let your visitors see the person behind the website by include your photo and a biography. Introduce yourself at the top of your website, let your visitors know who are you, what you can do for them in the first few seconds. It’s crucial for them to know who your site is for, and what you can do for them because your target visitors will have the reaction “Yes, this site is for me”. Of course, this will also drive away your untargeted visitors, but all you want are the potential clients in your niche market. It’s more important to keep your potential customers.

3. List Capture
Only a small percentage of visitors will buy on their first visit to a website. Put ourselves in their shoes, we rarely take out our wallet and spend on a shop that we are not familiar with. Only after we visited the site few times and developed interests and trust on the site we would buy their products or services. Therefore it’s important to capture visitor’s details so that we can follow up with them.

You can get GetResponse to work for you and send out your first email to customers. It is a web-based email autoresponder service and also a great tool for your email marketing.

4. Precise Content
Have a informative and precise content website is essential because adding more and more options or information is simply going to confuse your visitors. Some site owners don’t know exactly what information should deliver to their visitors, so they just throw out a load of things in the hope that something grab their attention. In this case, visitors would get confuse your main theme and if they aren’t sure what to do next, they will probably take the easiest option and click away.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optmization (SEO) is a process where website owners emphasize on the designing on the web pages to improve the volumn of free traffic.

More Traffic = More Visitors = More Sales

More traffic leads to more potential customers and thus boost our sales. All of us want free traffic and SEO is a way to attract volume of free traffic because search engine would give rank based on the website which have good content and structure well with related keywords.

Websites with SEO build-in are those websites listed in the first few pages on search engine results page. For example, when you search the term “online baby clothes” at Google, Yahoo or MSN, the websites that listed in the front pages are websites that implement SEO and hence they attract lots of free traffic from there.

It’s critical that our website connect emotionally with visitors who are in our niche market. Since website is a great marketing tool for our business, optimize the website and grow the business by start from today!

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