My Most Essential Element For An Effective Website

There are tons of websites in the internet and what are consider good and effective websites? You may get a website designer to design your business website but are those website designers really know what are the essential elements for a good website?

A website designer’s fee may range from few hundred and few thousand. They would give you a well designed website but not all of them know about the essential elements for an effective website. Even if sometimes they know, you may want them to design based on your own way and ignore their suggestions too. So, what are the important things that should a good website have?

Here I want to share with you my number one important element for a website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – My number one important element for a website. Why search engine optimized is so important for a website? Many home business owners don’t know about SEO and they just want to have a site that let them present their business to others. After the website is done and started to run the business, they come to the next question, how to let others find their websites? We all know that more visitors lead to more sales. In order to attract website traffic we have two ways, either pay to get traffic or get the free traffic.

Sure you know how to use google search and now I want to show you the sites that have SEO elements. Lets assume that I want to buy organic baby clothes and I google “organic baby clothes”. Here’s the results I get.

results as at 17.03.2009

Like many others, I will click on the first search result and visit what their site offers. And we found that the site has very good SEO element and the page rank is 3.

results as at 17.03.2009

So, this is really a good way to attract free traffic to the site. They started up by implemented the most important element to their site and let the search engines bring them free traffic. Can you imagine if there are thousands people google the word “organic baby clothes” per day and click on their link, how much free traffic they will get?

Normally the sites that rank in page 1 and 2 are good sites and the thing you need to do is try to get your website rank in the front pages of google search for your business related keywords.

If you don’t have a website designer but to design the business website by your own, won’t worry that you don’t have SEO knowledge when designing the website. I recommend you use the website builder – Xsitepro to help you get your website up. The wonderful thing about Xsitpro is the software is very user friendly, provide professional look websites templete and the most important is they have SEO plugin. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge about html or css code but they allow you to build your site with WYCIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode.

As I mentioned above, there are still many important elements for a quality website and you may gain ideas from the following:

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Also you need to take note of the Elements on a Website to AVOID.

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