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A very common question asked by home based business owner is how to drive traffic to the website. And one of the most effective yet zero costs marketing strategy is by article marketing. By looking at the word itself tell you the whole idea what article marketing is about. That is to use articles to market your products or services. Writing articles and submitted to article directories is totally no costs involved, unless you hire a writer to do the writing for you.

Let‘s see what are the benefits of this marketing strategy:

1.    Drive traffic to your website
This is the first benefit and also the effect you want to have by using this strategy. By articles submission about your business products or services to large content sharing sites, you immediately expose your business information to their existing readers. From there, you are able to attract traffic to your website if you are fully utilized the resource box they provided.

2.    Show yourself as an expert
You may show your expertise in your field inside the content. It’s normally difficult for others to trust a stranger in the net. However, if you continue to provide them useful information and show them solutions to their problems, they will slowly develop the trust on you. They will also come to your site to look for more information and you may find them start asking you questions and seek your opinions.

3.    Links building
If you want your website to rank high in search engines, link building is a must do work in order for your site to rank high. This can be done by having links point to your site from authority articles directories. When your site get rank in front pages of search engines, this will drive massive traffic to your site.

4.    Pre-sell product or service
People normally won’t buy for the first time they come to a product. They will want to get more information and know more about the product they want to purchase. By article, you provide them useful information and give them solutions to their problems. Your article will allow the visitors to make an informed decision and help place them in a better position to buy your product.

5.   Returning visitors
You may gain returning visitors as long as your articles remain in the articles directories. If you consistently submit articles to them, your article may also be a constant source of information for people searching the net about your topic. Some websites owners would also want to use your articles in their sites and share with their own readers. If they do so, you would gain new groups of readers to your site.

Article marketing is definitely a marketing technique that will generate constant flow of visitors to your website by free. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use this FREE marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website.

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