Link Building 101

Building great links is one of the most high impact skills you could develop in your online marketing career. Everyone wants to have tons of inbound links – But how do you actually build these much coveted links? Here are a range of proven tactics you can use to get links back to your website.

Article Distribution

One great way to get your links out there is through article distribution. Write an informative, high-quality article and post it to a variety of article directories, including EzineArticles, Go Articles and SearchWarp.

Once you’ve submitted your articles to several directories, try also submitting them to various directories that specifically host articles in your industry.


Another great place to get links, often high quality links is through directories.

Directories like the Yahoo! Directory and DMOZ often have very high PageRank. They can send both organic traffic as well as search engine link power your way.

Forum Links

If you’re active on forums related to your industry, having backlinks back to your site can make a big difference. Most forums don’t approve of links in main posts, but links in signature files are often just fine.

Make sure to check and see that the forums have dofollow link rather than nofollow links. Nofollow links are still decent since you’ll get some forum traffic, but dofollow links are what will actually help you rank well in search engines.

The Blogosphere

Another great place to get links from is the blogosphere.

One good place to leave your links is in the “website” section of a blog when you’re leaving a reply. Make sure that you leave an informative, useful comment rather than just a random comment.

Add other blog authors to your blogroll and ask them to do the same.

Press Releases

Having great press releases can result in massive bursts of traffic if done right. Unfortunately, most people don’t do press releases right at all.

Send press releases when you have something that’s attention and newsworthy to send out. Don’t send out press releases just to build links.

If you send out something that’s newsworthy and it’s picked up by news media, that one news article will draw incredible amounts of traffic to your site.

Building Direct Relationships

This is the “old fashioned” way of doing it – Building genuine relationships with other website owners. This method may be as old as the internet itself, but it’s still one of the most effective ways to go about it.

In the web marketing community, many of the experts often trade links on their sites and send emails out to their lists for one another. The same is true in many other industries.

Who do you know that’s in a similar industry? What might you be able to do together that will create a win-win result for both of you?

Building Links – General Mindset

Building links is basically getting the word out about your product. You can do it through people you know, through publishing content, through contacting the media and a multitude of other things.

But the bottom line is this: You’re putting your product out in the world. Do it through as many channels as you possibly can.

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