7 Questions for Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs who seriously into a business will always ask themselves whether the business is properly function and turn a consistent profit. There are some questions to help you to get start and also help you position your home business for success.

1. What am I going to sell?
This is an obvious question but many people actually don’t have an idea on what they are going to sell. Basically the answer of this question could be very simple because anybody can sell anything potentially.

Initially I have this obstacle in myself too and I don’t know what am I going to sell. In fact I don’t like selling and I believe I’m not good in selling. That’s why I studied Accounting but not Business or Marketing when in school. Today I have great change and I believe I’m good in internet marketing and I can sell anything online. This is the confidence from my learning curve and also the knowledge from my education. I know what knowledge do I have and that relates to my products which qualified me to sell.

Ask yourself, what knowledge do you have and why should people come looking to you for it. It helps you to make decision on what you are going to sell.

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2. Who is going to buy it from you?
Business is about targeting to potential customers. Do you know who are the customers that would use your products and how will you separate them from the crowd? There are people who is interested in your products and services but how you turn them to be your real customers that spend on your products? Where will you find your customers?

3. How will you contact potential customers?
You really need a *business and marketing plan* that includes the form of bridge to reach your potential customers. We can’t just start up a business and leave it there to attract customers by itself. It doesn’t work and no customers will come to us. We need to decide on the form of advertising to reach the market and what resources do we have for advertising.

4. How will you present your product?
There are lots of customers come in your shop don’t mean that they will buy from you. We have too many experiences when we go shopping by walk in a shop and walk out by empty hands. Same things happen when we shop online and leave the website without an urge to get our wallet out. We are in business today and we need to present our product to them. What will make them want to buy products from you?

5. How will you follow up with your contacts?
It’s important for us to create a lasting interest and keep our customers to stick around and buy from us again. Long term business is not about one time sales. What is the way to follow up with them and can the process be automated? The great thing here is to build relationship and gain trust from customers and build you and your business reputation.

6. How customers order from you?
This is about the payment process and it’s your time to make decision on which merchant account to use. Will you get your own merchant account or use third party billing services. You need to decide on the way to deliver the products to your local or overseas customers. Any guarantees will you offer and what confirmation will they get after purchase?

7. After sales service
After sales service is very important in today’s world. You should not just ignore your customers after they have spent on your products. Do you have a system or form of contact for them to reach you with any questions or problems? Will you provide any support on your products or future updates? How about issue of refunds if necessary?

I hope the above would help you to get your business do better and help to reach your ultimate goal – consistent profits.

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