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After you decide what you going to do with you new Internet Marketing Business, you should start with a good domain name. Your domain name or your website address can also be your Internet Marketing Business name.

Recommendation to purchase a domain name:

You probably want to take out a piece of paper to write down all the keywords related to your Internet Marketing Business.

Your Domain Name should be short and easy to remember, catchy too if possible! Be relevant to the product or service that you are marketing, include keywords of your product or service to improve search engine rankings.

Example: if you are selling an eBook on how to lose weight, then you will want to start writing down all the keywords related to weight losing. Write down as many as you can think of and do a research to find more…

This is a Free & very powerful Keywords Research Tools that many professional Internet Marketer Used:

With the help of the list of keywords you write down and the researched you did, you will find that it’s easy to get a domain name that is short, easy to remember, catchy, relevant and include keywords of your product or service.

Next, check whether the domain name has been registered or not. If the domain name has been registered, you will have to brainstorm another domain name.

Another thing you have to consider is the various kinds of domain name on the Internet. So you will have to choose carefully.

Below are some of the common ones:

  • .com – stands for commercial/community. The most overused domain entity on the Internet. Recommended for your Internet Marketing Business.
  • .net – stands for network, if you can’t find your new domain name under .com. You can consider .net which is also one of the most used.
  • .org – stands for organization. A lot of online communities use this domain entity.
  • .gov – stands for government. All government website use this domain entity.
  • .biz – stands for business. Recommended for your Internet Business.
  • .ws – stands for website.
  • .info – stands for information.
  • .mobi – stands for mobile.
Country level domain name:
  • .sg – Singapore
  • .my – Malaysia
  • .us – USA
  • .uk – United Kingdom
  • .id – Indonesia
  • .jp – Japan
  • .cn – China
  • .hk – Hong kong
I hope the my above sharing will be helpful for you, if you have a question for me. I will be happy to help you to answer them, please go to to submit your questions. Thank You!

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