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As you are reading this blog post, there are millions of people making a full-time income on the Internet, working part-time at the comfort of their own home. These people choose when to work, they live the life they designed and have lots of spare time for their family, friends and time to do things they love.

Does this sound like something you would like to be doing?

In my series of blog posts on Mompreneur Asia, I will share with you how to start a profitable Internet Marketing Business and have time to do things you love to do. I will provide you many different online business models for you to choose and even analyze some successful online marketing business that you can model. (Modeling is one of the easiest way to achieve the things you want in life, find someone that are successful and model their action plan and business model. This will help you to be able to achieve the success you always wanted in the fastest time fame!)

Before I start, here are some of the main reasons why many people choose to start an Internet Marketing Business:

1) Very low capital investment & low operation cost

Unlike any other business, an Internet Marketing business does not require you to invest a lot of money to start. All you need is a business model, a domain names, hosting and a couple of software to help you work better. You probably can start with $300 – $500!

Since the start up investment is so low, your monthly operational expenses will also be very low that they are really negligible! Compare to any other businesses like the stock market or MLM business.

2) Freedom of Time

With an Internet Marketing business you no longer have to work from 9 to 5, you can choose when you want to wake up in the morning and start work at anytime of the day. You control your time as you own the business, you are the Boss!

Owning an Internet business gives you the privilege to have more time to spend with your family, watch your children grow up. This is what most busy parents crave for, if you are one of them then you should seriously consider starting an Internet Marketing Business.

3) Freedom of Location

As long as you have a laptop or a computer and a Internet connection, you can choose to work from your home, at McDonald, in a coffee club or any place that you desire. Most Internet Marketers work at home, you will be saving at least two hours or more each day by not having to travel to and from you work place. This means that you will probably saved more then 700 hours or more each year, do the math yourself and you will discover that the two or more hours you spend on traveling each day are costing you money. You are losing money everyday, just imagine that you spend these extra few hours on your home base Internet Marketing business, how much more can you achieve?

4) The World is your Market

By just sitting in front of your computer, almost everyone in the world that has an Internet connection can be your friends and your customers. (I have about 3,000 friends on my facebook and most of them are from all over the world. The best part is that my facebook account is making money for me!) You simply leverage on the power of the Internet and you will be able to achieve more and more with less and less work!

One added advantage is that the Internet users are growing daily by the thousands, these means that you will always have new customers to market to.

5) Automate your Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing is probably the only business model that can be fully automated, all you need to do is to set it up!

6) Do things you Love to Do

Many new Internet marketer starts with things that they enjoy doing, promoting products or services base on their hobbies and passion! I always tell my friends “I don’t work, I Play in my Business” because I am doing something that I love to do and I am enjoying it every moment! This is my favorite reason to start an Internet Marketing business! As the Internet business allows your passion and dream to come to life, which is also the most important component of businesses of any kind.

7) Multiple Source of Income

Since the start up investment of an Internet Marketing Business is so low, and you can automate the business. You can operate multiple online businesses and build a Multiple Income Stream for yourself!

I am sure by now you should be interested in setting up your Internet Marketing business. If you made up your mind, do visit mompreneurasia as I will be sharing How to Build a Successful Internet Marketing Business!

To Your Success!

Teddy Wu

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