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Firstly, I will like to thank Moon Loh for inviting me to do some sharing on How to Build a Successful Internet Marketing Business. I also want to take this opportunity to praise Moon for her passion, willingness to learn and take action on her quest to build her successful online business.

Before I start sharing How to Build a Successful Internet Marketing Business, I will like to share some very useful ideas and strategies with you. Whether if you are planning to start your Internet Marketing Business, create a home base business or join a networking business, this information will be able to assist you to achieve great results…

My name is Teddy Wu. I am a Professional Internet Entrepreneur, currently I manage an Internet Marketing Consultancy specialized in Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing.

So here it goes, what I am going to share with you on first is HOW YOU THINK?

This is the most important skill in business is How You Think? How You Think controls your Actions and after you have enough thought and practices then this action become Instinctive. You will no longer need to consciously think about it, you just know what to do!

Remember you are playing for keeps and you are playing with real money. What you do can improve your chances of winning or kill your business.

Wealth doesn’t come from Money!
Money comes from Wealth!

For most people, Wealth and Money are the same. Wealth is something that happens in your mind. If you were not wealthy in your mind, you wouldn’t attract money. Even then you are able to attract some money, you are not wealthy in your mind, and you will probably lose it all.

Wealth is something that can create money at will; money can’t create wealth at will! You probably heard or read about people winning the lottery and most of them lost it all in within just a few years. Isn’t that Incredible?

Wealth is like a machine that is running smoothly and has great value in itself that produces money; wealth is not just having lots of money in the bank, it is the values and system you build that enable you to create money at will.

Entrepreneur Prison!

Most entrepreneurs want to start something new, to create value for others. From the beginning we start, we have the big vision and dreams of success. After working very hard on it, sometimes we may find ourselves being stuck in situation like things are not working the way we have planned, or even ended up losing money in the business. Thereafter, our business becomes a prison for us. Do remember that your business can become your prison.

Buy Viagra justify;”>Always be conscious about it, all entrepreneur want to achieve more Freedom (Time and Financially)! Don’t let your business become your prison, you want to set free by your business, gives you more life, freedom and of course more wealth.

Building a business that able to set you free, gives you the lifestyle you always desired and the financial freedom you wanted doesn’t happen by accident, you have to design your business and build on.

This is the main reason why I choose Internet Marketing because the business model has low startup investment, huge opportunities and it doesn’t have all the hooks and traps (No inventory, don’t need employee, very low overheads…) that can imprison me. Internet Marketing business model can set you free, gives you more life and financial freedom!

Playing Business Instead of Doing Business!

Here is a story about Monkey and the Hunter, you probably have heard of it before:

The hunter will build a box, cut a small hold on the box just big enough for a monkey’s hand to be put in. He will then place a peanut in the box. When a monkey came by, saw the peanut in the box, it put its hand into the box to take the peanut. As the hole of the box is just enough for its hand to go in, and it is holding the peanut, it can’t get its hand out from the box. The hunter then walk towards the monkey catch and kill it. You have to learn to let go those things that trapped you from moving forward, if you don’t, it might just kill you. If the monkey is willing to let go the peanut, it will be free. The hunter will never be able to catch and kill it.

Don’t be a perfectionist, stop playing business with your business, stop spending time with your logo design, your website design or perfecting your article writing and so on… If you go around and ask any successful business owner, you will never hear them telling you that the success of his/her business is the logo that took 3 months to design…

Progress Not Perfection! If you find an opportunity or have a great product in mind, create it fast, launch it, and see if anyone wants to buy it. If people want to buy it, then make it really good. Test it before you perfect it, don’t spend time doing something that is not tested. I know people that spend months and even years to launch a product and yet NOBODY wants to buy it.

Stop playing with your business, build and do your business. You should focus on generate leads (Prospects), conversions (Sales) and providing values for your customers.

One of the best business models on Internet Marketing is that you can always do changes on your websites/blogs. Remember always test it if it is a money making business model, then you can go back and work on the design and so on…

Speed of Implementation!

The secret of any successful  business is the Speed of Implementation; you have to be an implementer. You must be willing to implement your ideas as fast as you can when an opportunity is presented to you! How fast you are able to implement your idea will determine how fast and successful you can be.

Learn To Expect Success!

When you expect to be successful in life, opportunities will present to you. You will see things differently; as a result you will be able to find much more opportunities around you. Believe that you will be successful and success will come to you. There is a saying “When you hold it long enough in your Head, you will be able to hold it in your Hand!”

The human brain is capable of understanding incredibly complex concepts and yet at times, we are unable to recognize the obvious and simple things.

The Ice Cream was invented in 2000 B.C. and yet it takes about thirty-nine hundred years later before someone figured out the ice-cream cone.

Meat was on the planet before humans, Bread was baked in 2600 B.C. and yet it took another forty-three hundred years for somebody to put them together and created the sandwich.

The modern flush toilet was  invented in 1775; it wasn’t until 1857 that somebody thought of the toilet paper.

You are surrounded by opportunities, you just have to see it and build on it.

I always choose to believe the world as one giant opportunity. While many struggle and complaints about how bad the economy is and there are no opportunities around, I just expect to make money from the time I spend working on making money.

If you except to be successful, you will be successful!

If you except to make money every day, you will make money every day!

If you except to make money and take action on the opportunities that have presented to you, you will be profiting from it even when others around you couldn’t.

These are true stories:

Frank Howser is a trade show booths designer. Years ago, two young man asked Frank to help them design a flashy looking booth at a trade show, as they just start-up they couldn’t pay Frank. So they offered Frank shares in their business. Frank declined the offer. The two young men will Steve Wozniak and Steven Jobs the founder of Apple Computer.

Richard and Maurice McDonald sold their hamburger stand, concept and name to a fifty-one-year-old salesman name Ray Kroc, who went on to create a multibillion dollar organization.

The Law of Attraction, you attract what you think in your mind. Opportunities will pop up in front of you, as you are expecting it!

Before I sign off from my first post on Mompreneur I like to say A Big Thank You to all the Mothers in the world. You are the most wonderful person around, without your contribution to families and the socialites, the world will not be such a better place to live it, I salute to you all.  Keep up the good work and remember always have fun in whatever you are doing!

To Your Success

Teddy Wu


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February 4, 2009
February 6, 2009

rebecca @ 11:11 pm #

Hi ted, your sentence on dont let your business become your prison really is very true… i guess that what mompreneurs like us took this bold step.. for ..Freedom and more life and more time .
great sharing!!!

June 29, 2009

Thomas Hoi @ 9:45 am #

Hi Teddy,

I like what you said about “Wealth doesn’t come from Money!
Money comes from Wealth!” This is so true!

As Entrepreneurs, we need to be positive all the time. in time of recession many people find that money is hard to make and worry about retrenchment and job loses.

But entrepreneurs like us are spotting the opportunities lying everywhere.

For those who doesn’t know, during this so called “difficult times” people are buying things online because they can get huge discounts!!

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