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Kim Kiyosaki advice for women who want to become rich:

I was the youngest of three daughters, so I was told “go for your dreams and do what you want to do!” This was fabulously encouraging, yet behind these words there was always the unspoken idea that I would grow up and be married and be provided for by someone else. Times have changed, and not just for young women and middle-aged divorcees – many ladies in their 60’s and 70’s are losing their pensions. The idea “find yourself a rich man to look after you” doesn’t apply any more.

Startling Statistics! Did You Know?
- 47% of women over the age of 50 are single.
- 50% of marriages end in divorce.
- In the first year after a divorce a woman’s standard of living drops an average of 73%.
- Of the elderly living in poverty 3 out of 4 are women – and 80% of them were not poor when their husbands were alive.
- Nearly 7 out of 10 women will at some time live in poverty.

Where to start
There are two things you can invest – time and money. Too often, people with no financial education throw money at a tip and lose it – then they decide investing is risky! Before you invest, read books, study and learn about the different investment options available, so you can decide what kind of investment suits you. For me it was real estate – so I decided to learn about that. Some of it was common sense, eg when buying a rental property you asses whether the area is improving or deteriorating, and you ask yourself; “is there much I would need to do to get this ready to be rented?”

Get Smart
Amoxil buy cheap arial;”>It’s important to arm yourself with information, so if you don’t have the money, invest more time – study and learn, talk with other successful investors, form an investment study group with like minded women with similar goals and ambitions who are serious about learning.

Take Action
There are two types of investors – the passive investor turns their money over to the active investor, who is hands on and makes their own decisions about how to handle the stocks. You’ve got to be an active investor today to be financially stable. Your goal should be financial independence – which is when the passive income (or cashflow) generated from your assets is greater than your living expenses. Start small – you don’t want to bet the ranch – there’s a big learning curve and you’re going to make mistakes, so learn from experience. I bought myself a two bedroom property to start with. I learned the fundamentals and the basics of how you handle a rental property, then I built on my winnings and I became more confident. The important thing is not get caught up in analysis paralysis, ie don’t get so caught up in educating yourself that you can’t take the plunge. You’ve got to take action and get into the game – sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

For a start, you could go out to a coin shop and buy a one ounce silver coin. Then go online and look at the price of silver – is it up today or down today? You’ll start to notice articles in the paper and magazines about silver – suddenly you’re an expert. Now you’re into a game called Commodities. If you’re intimidated by words like ‘commodities’ and other investment jargon – go get and investment and finance dictionary and look them up – its just words. People love to seem smart. Each day you could learn one word.

The Rewards
Once you know you’re financially independent your self confidence and self respect goes up. When I became financially free, my relationship with my husband Robert Kiyosaki – author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - changed. It made our relationship a lot stronger. I realised that I no longer needed Robert. I looked at him again and realised that I wanted to be with him. So it was like I got to choose him again, we want to be together, but there’s no dependence on each other – it’s very healthy.

I don’t have to work any more but I love what I do. I got a letter the other day from a single mum with two girls. She’s in the US Army – she joined the military to support her kids. Now she’s in Iraq and her kids are at home. She wrote to me that she’s read Rich Woman and now she realises there’s another way – it gave me goosebumps. I hear so many success stories of people going for their dreams and reaching financial independence… then they see the light at the end of the tunnel and they ask themselves; “What is it that I really want to do with my life? Where do I want to put my time, make my contribution to the world?” They are free.

Believe in Yourself
Women just need to know that they have support and they can do it – because they’re quite natural investors – it’s time for women to start taking control of their lives.

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