Internet Marketing Is Not Make Money Online

Internet Marketing = Make Money Online???

Please don’t misunderstand. Internet Marketing (IM) not equal to Make Money Online. Internet Marketing is the action to market products or services over the internet. In order to make money online, you need the IM knowledge and skills. They have a very close relationship but they do not EQUAL. So, when people tell you “internet marketing = make money online”, this is the wrong mindset and wrong concept.

Let me share with you more with some examples -
Who Need Internet Marketing?
1. Company – Nowadays almost every company has their own website. Your company has a website too right? It is very easy to have a company website, but to promote the business efficiently online, the company needs to have IM knowledge and skills to attract more new customers.

How important is IM knowledge for a company? If your company is doing interior design in Singapore, please google “Singapore Interior Design” or “Interior Design Singapore”. Is your company in the first search results page? If it is, congratulation! Your company is doing a very good online marketing which lots of people who interested in interior design will click the website and become the potential customers.

Here, IM is a marketing strategy for company and company not make money online. They make money from their core business.

2. Home based business owner – I find that lots of moms have their small home based businesses and some of them are really doing well. They sell diaper cakes, women accessories and also home made foods and crafts. I visited their websites and found that their businesses have lots of potential to grow. If they know how to market their websites online with few IM techniques, I believe they will be happy to see the business grows rapidly.

Here again we see that IM is an online marketing strategy that help home based businesses to grow. They make money from the sales of the products and services, they are not make money online.

3. People who want to make money online – Now come to the group of people who believe IM is make money online. This group of people wants to make money online and they are more on individual basis such as affiliate marketers and bloggers.

Have you heard of many people struggle on their blogging to make profit or no people buy their affiliate products? They have no visitors and no sales, they have visitors but no sales or their sales is very poor. They hardly make money online. The main reason is they don’t have enough IM knowledge and skills and they don’t know how to market their websites online.

From the examples above, I hope you have an idea how importance Internet Marketing in our business today. IM becomes an important knowledge and skill in business world and it’s an essential element for a business to success.

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