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I am a stay at home mum with 2 beautiful children. I started my blog more than half a year ago. I was inspired to start the blog as way to pen down my parenting journey so that my children can walk down the memory lane of their childhood with me when they grow up.

Along the way, I realize that my blog serve more than it is meant to be. It grew to be a platform whereby I share my experience with fellow mummies. Through the New Age Parents Blog, I got to know many friends who are mummies who love to blog just like I do.

As a stay at home mum, I faced the dilemma of wanting to stay at home for my children and at the same time, I was sometimes depress over the fact that I was not able to contribute to the workforce like most of my friends are doing. However, through the New Age Parents, I got to know that there are indeed some mothers who share my thoughts and feel that way too.  It let me know that I am not the only one who felt this way.

It is a great transition to parenthood and some times some struggles there as we have to give up our freedom, sometimes some luxuries we used to enjoy for our children.  Life changes after children. Suddenly I felt that I am left out during some outings with my pals as I have to stay at home for my kids.  Especially since my friends are mostly singles, it doesn’t feels good at times and I believes only when you are a mum,  you will understand the life of being a mother.

My blog has always been an inspiration to me. It has inspired me to focus on positive parenting towards my children. It has inspired me and spurred me to read more so that I have more to share with fellow readers. Best of all, it has inspired a business idea, a online parenting magazine that me and my husband are working on right now – Today’s Motherhood (formerly known as Motherhood Monthly).

At Today’s Motherhood, I aimed to form a community of parent network sharing useful parenting information among the parents and also provide more information with new parents.

Our main site is under revamped and it will be ready during the end of May 09.  If you are a parent, do visit our site and subscribe to our online parenting magazine for free.

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