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Sharing with you my blogs and me, I have a total of 3 blogs, which I may integrate them into one in future. There are mostly pictures than words in my blog as I am not very good in writing… And I believe photos “speak louder” than words, right?

Moments locked – a online diary about my life. Work, shopping, outing with friends.. Talking about work, I remember about a post where about 15 colleagues said good bye to me during my 2.5 years stay in my previous job. People come & people go and it was my turn to say good bye in Feb 08 after I found a greener pasture.

Wedding - I started this blog as I have many friends asking me to show them my wedding pictures. And you know the wedding album is so heavy to carry, so just a click on the link will show my friends, or people who are interested to this beautiful page.

buy generic amoxil justify;”>Weddings attended by my husband & me, or sometimes alone, I managed to take some photos but normally I requested for their CDs as the photos are more professionally taken. Recalled those days when we were busy preparing for wedding, the excitement and happiness, has now become a beautiful memory.

My Babies – one about my pregnancy, my babies & my family. I created this online diary when I was pregnent with Brandon to pen down the milestones and memories of my two darlings, Brandon & Chevonn. I think I’l laugh it off when I browse back when I’m old.

There were many photos taken while my hubby, Andy brought me to Thailand for babymoon. I was pregnant with Brandon at 6 months.  A very nice, happy, relaxing cum little shopping trip!

Child birth to me is the biggest event of my life, of course, apart from wedding. Each and every time when I browse the blog post of Brandon and Chevonn’s arrival, I smiled. Yes, looking at their first expressions, the first time holding them, cuddling them, the feeling is really indescribable.  How time flies, Brandon is turning 19 months and Chevonn is now 4 months already.

My children will know how they behave in their growing up stages when they are older.

I have also just started another blog doing some homemade baked items at I used blogspot as  I am more familiar with the system and it is easy for me to use.

My signature item is Fudgy Chocolate Brownies, do drop by my website to take a look! Stay tuned for upcoming promotion in June!

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June 11, 2009

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