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When I first saw this contest title, I felt that I absolutely will be here to join this because I am going to make use of this topic to share my meaningful experience.

Blogging Time
Blogging is the one of the reason that makes me feel that sitting in front of the computer is not a kind of wasting my time. The first time I know about blog is in the computer class. Since then my former classmates came up with the idea of having a class blog.

We make it and the blog is now still working as a relationship maintenance bridge. We can maintain our friendships even though we graduated and doing our own career in the different countries.

Gathering Platform
In 2009, I learnt that blogging is not just for maintain an old friendship. Blog can be a place for me to create a new network and assemble a group of people who have the same interest as me. Then ‘fashion, hobby, money, relationship’, all kinds of keywords have popped up in my mind. Then as a final decision ‘GGshop2009′ and ‘Hobby is My Earning Tool’ have came up. I create 2 blog for the respective topics.

Blogging Idea – GGshop2009
Greedy is my natural instinct. But I have to be aware that I need to have the ability to manage well with both blogs.At this moment, I get to know the importance of cooperation and I have found my friend who is keen on this topic. The word ‘cooperation’ that has mentioned here seems like commercialize the usage of blogging. In my opinion, I just want to spread out my hobby and my idea about fashion. But I am a dull in this field and I know I need to get someone’s help to replenish my weaknesses. Although I am indeed a fool in fashion, I believe I can get improve while managing this blog.

Moreover, I should share my growing experience to those who are interest in it. GGshop2009 is being treated as my growing stage in the fashion field.

Blogging Idea – Hobby is My Earning Tool
As I have browse through the internet and realized that we can make use of blogging in the field of earning. Hence, I want to reveal this to my friends. The objective of ‘Hobby Is My Earning Tool’ is expose the methods of making money for living by doing something that we like. As I have learn some technique while blogging in GGshop2009, then I share it in ‘Hobby is My Earning Tool’. It contains my own sharing.

Enjoyable Activity
Because I am building a gathering place for all the enthusiasts in this field (I have set up a main topic) just like manage a sister group. I treat blog as my making friends’ platform and they can know me better through my words. What is the happiest thing other than grouping our own member especially have the same opinion and interest as us?

Writing post has become part of my life. Although I am still not qualified as a professional blogger but I feel great and proud of it.

There is a saying ‘learning is our long life task’. It is indeed an old-fashioned phase but I have to admit its usefulness.

Monique Yoyo

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