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I always emphasize that Mompreneurs should treat blog to profits a serious business. Although many people don’t agree on this statement but I still insist that if you want to earn money through blogging, you should treat blogging a serious business.

Some people start blogging because they treat it as a hobby. While some start blogging after they find the opportunity to earn some extra through blogging. Regardless what reasons you start blogging, I’m quite sure I can find Google Adsense in your blog. Why? Why we see Google Adsense every where and even though you tell people you don’t make money online and don’t want to make money online? If you have Google Adsense in your blog and that’s it! You are make money through blogging.

I still remember how excited I was when I first saw my Google Adsense earned the first dollar and I hope that I could get more everyday. If you also have the same feeling and same thought, I’m sure you not only want to blog for own interest, but also hope to earn some extra from your hobby. I’ve read lots of mummies’ blogs and everytime I read their blogs, I discover something new and I wish I could share with them more on how to optimize what they have and earn more from their existing “asset”.

I would like to share some of my thought here for your blogging success.

Own Domain Name and Self Hosting
Everytime I come across a website with informative content and good Page Rank and Alexa Ranking, I feel very excited. But the excited only last me few seconds when I notice the blog is a free hosting blog. Examples of free hosting blogs are like Blogger or WordPress.com which you don’t need to pay for domain name and hosting fee.

Why I want to use my own domain name and hosting but not go for the free one? Let me ask you a question, today if you want to get a shop for your business, you would rather go to buy a shop or rent a shop? Of course you would tell me it depends on the funds you have. I agree with you, funds is the main factor that determine your decision. How much for me to get a domain name and hosting? Well, domain cheap name only costs me US$7 per year with Godaddy and my hosting costs me US$8 per month with Hostgator. It’s really a small investment for my business and I believe everyone afford to pay for it.

Other than the costs, let me tell you more what is the advantage to have own domain name and hosting. Imagine you are doing well with your business and suddenly one day the landlord comes and tell you that he wants to get back the shop, what is your reaction? You need to start find a new shop again? I’ve read from some people about their blogs being closed down without specific reasons and they lost everything they have included the contents in their blog! You don’t have full control on your own blog but to abide with their terms and conditions which they have full say.

Some may say they want to get start with the free service and only get the paid hosting when they have some achievements. In my opinion, why don’t we get started with the correct system? The first step always determine our following steps and affect most our success or failure. Every website has their own Page Rank and Alexa Ranking, the good page rank and alexa ranking would back to 0 when you shift to a new domain name. And, you need more effort to rebuild your reputation with search engine.

To check your website’s Page Rank & Alexa Ranking, download the following: -

1) Search Status – FireFox

2) Alexa Toolbar – Internet Explorer

Your Readers Want Information
If you are seriously think to earn some extra through blogging, I suggest you to keep your blog relevant to the site and your business. What type of information your readers want?

I believe all of us have the experience to search for some information using Google, Yahoo or MSN. When we do the search, what kind of information we get from our search are almost relevant to the information we want. Search engines are very “intelligent”.

Back to our blogs, are your blog have that kind of relevant information for search engine to list it at the first page of search engine results page (SERP)? Why is it important? If our websites are in first few pages of SERP, we would get tons of free traffic where more traffic = more visitors = more sales = more money.

Own Style
There are millions of blogs and there are audiences for all of them. Develop your own writing style and enjoy what you are writing about. Some friends tell me that they don’t know how to write and their writing not good. Now, we have no teachers to check for our grammer and the most important is we share from our heart. For those who feel that we can’t write good articles, we thanks them to let us have the urge to learn and improve ourselves. And I always believe when we share something from our heart, people can always sense it and appreciate our sharing. So, everyone can write, just depends on whether you want to take the first step.

Sometimes, we are running short of ideas, or burned out from running a business, we can always invite others to be guest bloggers on our site. Ask others who you think are a good fit to write for your blog occasionally.

If you are a mom that have own business, welcome to share your mom’s story at my site. And if you have good cooking recipes to share with other moms, write in to me and I’ll sure publish your recipes.

When come to the topic of blogging, I really have a lot more to share and I will share more again. I just feel that the above are the most essential part for moms who want to earn from blogging. Just go do it and wish we all happy and successful blogging!

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January 9, 2009

Hi Moon,

There are more benefits to having your own domains and hosting. For blogspot.com, google will take a cut of your adsense. For wordpress.com, you can’t put adsense.

In Blogger, you can’t add pages, can’t really track your traffic.

Lastly, the domain names looked unprofessional too.

In fact, i have even “booked” my son and daughter domain name at Ashton and Ashlyn. Will start to throw in some photos when my online magazine is up.

Poh Heng @ 2:29 pm #

Hi Moon, best thing is both the themes for Ashton and Ashlyn are free.

Thanks for your great post here. I agree that if you want to earn money from blogs, keep it relevant.

Like for me, i started my personal blog to want to talk about money. In the end, i just create another blog to talk about it Grow Wealth Tips.

Now i keep my personal blog to blog on anything i want – like my kids, family, resolutions which are, well personal so i don’t really bother whether they earn me money or not :-)

April 9, 2009

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