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Moms in businesses always look for the most effective way to save cost for the business. For moms who sell physical things especially need to take care of lots of the things such as inventories, postages, fixed costs and some other variable costs. Moms in internet business like me have lesser costs to take care but there are some costs such as investment in marketing tools or education are always needed. We all know that costs always determine the selling prices and affect the profits. Thus, cost control is an important part of business.

One of the most cost effective ways I’ve learned to spread the word about our business is through blogging.  Moms in internet business normally have our own blogs and we know that blog is one of our marketing tools by the business nature. However, not all moms in home businesses selling physical products know about this cost effective marketing tool.

I’ve seen many moms in home business selling products such as baby clothes, fashion, women accessories have their online stores but not all of them have a blog to promote their business. When I ask them how about have a blog for their businesses, they normally give me the following answers:

  • Why do I need a blog?
  • Blog seems not related to my business
  • I don’t know how to blog

Of course some of them would ask how blog helps in the business. I like to hear they ask “how” and “why” instead of tell me some negative answers. I believe who know how to ask “how” and “why” is a real mom entrepreneur and always want to know new ways to improve the business and help the business growth.

Even though blogs are becoming extremely popular, the concept is still developing. In Asia, we still need more awareness on blogging do help in business. So why use a blog?

  • Blog allows you to post informative contents about your business and through blogging, people get to know you and your business well. It drives traffic to your business website.
  • Blog is a good way for you to communicate with your customers or potential customers. It allows people to post comments and you have chance to interact with them.
  • You can post testimonials or get your customers to share their experiences of using your product or service.
  • Blog can increase your website search engine rankings. Compare to business website, blog has more fresh contents and search engines like fresh contents.
  • Blog has better target to your niche market. Many people spend their time reading blogs and they are like to spend time reading information websites than visit business websites.
  • According to some researches, blogs are becoming a valued word-of-mouth network especially for mothers. If a mom is not writing a blog, she is reading one.
  • A good blog can make your company more approachable and more real to your potential clients.

Nowadays to start a blog is actually quite easy. I suggest you to register your own domain name and get your hosting for starting your blog. I’ve mentioned some advantages to have own domain name and hosting in my previous post – If you are blogging moms.

You can then get free blogging software at The next thing to do is to personalize it using their templates and your images and decide what you want to post or write about. The most important is be consistent and keep people coming back by regularly posting new information.

Blogging is definitely a good way to keep your existing customers and attract more potential customers. It helps in business growth. I hope to see more moms in business using this cost saving marketing tool to promote the business.

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April 10, 2009

Thea @ 10:47 am #

Hi fellow mommy,

This is a very informative post. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m also a mother of a 14-month old baby and I blog regularly about baby care tips and my experiences raising him.

The link address is Raising Daniel.

Thank you.


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